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The cities best facilitating remote work: A Global Index

Study uses data to reveal which global cities are most accessible and attractive for remote workers by assessing factors related to employment compliance, living costs, infrastructure and liveability, in addition to showing current location trends.

BERLIN, GERMANY – global employment specialists have released a study that analyses the ease of complying with local employment laws and ranks the attractiveness of 80 global cities for remote workers. As a company that helps companies hire employees based anywhere in the world, WorkMotion decided to rank the cities according to their remote working compliance regulations, cost of living, infrastructure and liveability. Additionally, they used proprietary data to illustrate current location trends by showing where remote workers are currently being hired from. The resulting index reveals which cities are facilitating remote working best, and which are most attractive for remote workers to relocate to, as well as current remote worker patterns.

The table below reveals a sample of results for the top 10 cities for facilitating remote work out of the 80 cities in the index. All scores are out of 100, with 100 being the highest possible score and 50 being the lowest

The Top 10 Cities for Facilitating Remote Work:

City                               Score

1. Melbourne                100.00

2. Montreal                   98.20

3. Sydney                     97.76

4. Wellington                97.68

5. Prague                     95.29

6. Toronto                     94.09

7. Tallinn                       93.27

8. Zagreb                      89.17

9. Singapore                 88.63

10. Dublin                     87.53 

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