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The most expensive beaches around the world: The US ranks in the Top 10

Study ranks 300 beaches worldwide, including 18 beaches across the United States, for their price of local amenities and refreshments. Main Beach, New York, is the most expensive beach in the US, with a total price of $58.88. The most expensive beach worldwide is Plage de Pampelonne on the French Riviera, with a total price of $76.38. Daytona Beach, Florida, is the cheapest beach in the US, with a total price of $34.52.


The travel platform for individual travel with local expertise, YouDiscover, has uncovered the most expensive beaches around the world. The ranking helps organized holidaymakers select the most exclusive shorelines for their coastal getaway and identify unforeseen expenses ahead of schedule.
The 18 US beaches ranked in this study were taken from a larger index that analyzed the 300 most visited beaches across 69 countries. The beaches were ranked according to the average price of amenities and refreshments  – suncream, bottled water, beer, ice cream, and lunch – in convenience stores and outlets closest to the coast. The price of local products can vary year to year due to fluctuations in local currency and demand. This 2019 ranking aims to give holidaymakers an up-to-date overview of costs and highlight luxurious beaches they may never have thought to add to their itineraries. 
From the glittering nightlife of Miami South Beach, to the rugged landscape of California’s Point Dune – much like the states themselves – the beaches across the US are vastly different. The understated Alabama Gulf Coast, 17th in the ranking, is home to a 32-mile stretch of rustic sandy shoreline and diverse natural wildlife. Alternatively, those looking for a vibrant and bohemian feel would be wise to head to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, 14th in the ranking. Home to a promenade perfect for a cycle at sunset, skateparks, and volleyball courts – the coastline is packed with tourists and young locals alike enjoying the active lifestyle offered by the climate on the west coast. 
The following tables reveal the total costs of beaches in the US and around the world. A full breakdown of the criteria, and the methodology for the ranking, are available on the website.
The Top 10 Most Expensive Beaches in the US
Rank Beach   State Total Price
1 Main Beach  New York  $58.88
2  South Beach  Florida $57.00
3 Waikiki  Hawaii $53.63
4 West Palm Beach Florida $46.02
5  Point Dume  California  $44.51
6 Kailua  Hawai  $43.89
7 Naples Beaches  Florida  $42.72
8 Sandy Neck Beach  Massachusetts  $42.26
9 Coronado Beach  California  $41.40
10  Myrtle Beach  South Carolina  $41.30
The Top 10 Most Expensive Beaches Worldwide
Rank Country Beach  Region  Total Price 
France  Plage de Pampelonne  French Riviera  $76.38
Sweden  Ribersborg  Malmö $72.09
New Caledonia  Anse Vata  Noumea  $71.58
France  Paloma Plage  French Riviera  $69.42
France  L'Ecrin Plage  French Riviera $66.01
Sweden  Tylösand  Halmstad $65.95
French Polynesia  Mareto Plage Publique Moorea  $62.17
8   French Polynesia La Plage de Maui  Tahiti  $60.83
United States  Main Beach  New York  $58.88
10  Sweden  Ålö storsand  Stockholm Arch.  $58.83
8 French Polynesia La Plage de Maui Tahiti $60.83
9 United States Main Beach New York $58.88
10 Sweden Ålö storsand Stockholm Arch. $58.83
Further findings for the US
  • Florida has six of the most expensive beaches in the US, and three in the top ten. South Beach is the most expensive, with a total cost of $57. The cost of lunch at South Beach is the most expensive out of all the US coastlines, costing an average of $39.85 per person.
  • Interestingly, beaches in Florida are the cheapest to buy water, costing around $1.45 a bottle.
  • Hendry’s Beach, California, is the cheapest beach in the US to buy beer. A bottle costs just $2.26 –  less than half the price of Santa Monica, at around $5.42.
  • Hawaii features twice on the ranking, with Waikiki beach in third place and Kailua beach in sixth. Beer and ice cream are both cheaper at Waikiki beach, but lunch is roughly $10 less at Kailua beach. 
Further findings worldwide
  • The most expensive beach worldwide is Pampelonne on the French Riviera. Lunch costs around $76.38 per person. Visitors to the region looking to pay less for lunch would wise to head to L'Ecrin Plage where it costs around $66.01.
  • The cheapest beach worldwide is Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam, with a total price of $12.80. However, Palolem Beach, Goa, has the cheapest lunch, at around $4.70. 
  • The cheapest coastline beer can be found at Soma Bay, Egypt, for just $0.74. The most expensive is at La Plage de Maui, French Polynesia, for $8.15.
  •  More than 40 beaches worldwide offer a portion of ice cream for less than $1. Nusa Dua beach in Bali, Indonesia, has the cheapest, at just $0.61. 


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