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The top 10 summer holiday destinations Britons have got their eye on

Cape Verde (Credit: @capeverdelife).

Where have Britons got their eye on? These are the nation’s most searched for summer holiday destinations. 


The countdown to the warmer days has begun and it seems that a lot of Britons have got their eye on visiting Cape Verde this summer. According to a new study by Betway, summer holiday searches for Cape Verde have recently skyrocketed by a staggering 733.33%, according to Google Trends data. 

1. Cape Verde – Search Volume Increase: 733.33%
From its lush tropical climate, volcanic islands and mouth-watering cuisine, there is no wonder Cape Verde gets the top spot for being the destination where Brits are eagerly hoping to visit this summer. Between June and August, temperatures can get as warm as 26 degrees – now that sounds like a dream! 

2. Mexico – Search Volume Increase: 645.45% 
Full of culture, sand and sea, Mexico is a typical bucket list destination on the map for holidaymakers. Boasting the world’s largest pyramid and being the second city in the world with the largest number of museums, there are plenty of sights to see in this great country. Not to mention, it’s very far away from the UK, with the duration of the flight being 11 hours from London – guess this explains why search volumes are so high! 

3. Portugal – Search Volume Increase:  583.33% 
When it comes to catching those much-loved sun rays, Portugal is definitely the place to visit this summer. Whether you fancy a stroll through the Vineyards in the Valley of the River Douro, or a picturesque culture trip through Porto Old Town, the delights offered by this beautiful country may just be what you’re craving this summer. What’s more, flights from the UK are known to be relatively affordable. 

4. Italy – Search Volume Increase: 352.38% 
Drenched in some of the world’s most varied and scenic landscapes, Italy promises adventure, beauty and (arguably, most importantly) delicious cuisine. This country offers plenty of options to make your summer an unforgettable one – from luxurious beach getaways in Capri to exhilarating shopping trips down the streets of Milan.

5. Greece – Search Volume Increase: 342.86% 
It seems that a lot of Brits are ready to live out their Mamma Mia fantasy this summer, with summer holiday searches for the Greek Islands having skyrocketed by a phenomenal 342.86%. When it comes to those gorgeous sunsets, crystal blue seas and instagrammable breakfasts, Greece certainly is a magical destination. 

6. Thailand – Search Volume Increase: 342.86%
Even though it can be quite pricey to get to from the UK, Thailand is a relatively affordable country once you’re there, boasting economical accommodation as well as food and drink prices. As well as this, the country hosts some of the world’s best beaches, and is known as “The Land of Smiles” – where else would Brits want to go this summer? 

7. Spain – Search Volume Increase: 342.86%
When it comes to bagging an affordable summer holiday, Spain is the ultimate destination for both sun-seekers and culture enthusiasts. From the fun nightlife of Ibiza to the tranquil paradise that is the Canary Islands, there is certainly no summer like a Spanish summer. With day temperatures usually being over 30 degrees from June to September, don’t forget to bring those shorts and shades!

8. Switzerland – Search Volume Increase: 195.45%
While Switzerland may not be a typical summer destination, it seems that Brits are nonetheless curious to pay a visit to this mountainous country, with searches having increased by 195.45%. Given Switzerland’s alluring alpine scenery, medieval-looking towns and scrumptious milky chocolate, we can see why. 

9. Cyprus – Search Volume Increase: 130.00%   
There are beach holidays – and there are beach holidays in Cyprus. From resort towns such as Ayia Napa to the dreamy Blue Lagoon Akamas, this beautiful country even gives the Maldives a run for its money. 

10. Turkey – Search Volume Increase: 122.73% 
Bordering between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, Turkey is home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. However, for many, this country is all about the sun and sea – it also has some beautiful mountains, woodlands and booming culture.

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