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New COO to lead Green Globe International

Green Globe International, which has acquired 88% of Green Globe, a British company that owns the Green Globe brand, the international brand for sustainable travel, tourism and related businesses, announced that Bradley Cox has been appointed by the company’s Board of Directors to serve as chief operating officer of Green Globe International.

A Current Report on Form 8-K regarding Mr. Cox’s appointment will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission within the next several days.

Mr. Cox’s business experience within the travel and tourism industry, his understanding of brand management, and success in delivering technology as practical solutions for the triple bottom-line of tourism businesses are seen as a unique combination of skills and an invaluable addition to the Green Globe International team.

From 1996, Mr. Cox was at the frontline of tourism sales and marketing, working for international tourism and hospitality brands. Based on the Gold Coast, Australia’s leading leisure destination for domestic and international travelers, Mr. Cox held senior sales and marketing positions at ANA Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe. Mr. Cox managed all the key domestic accounts for these tourism operators, maintaining channels through major airlines as well as negotiated sales to travel agencies throughout Australia.

In 2000, Mr. Cox joined the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC), based at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. An Australian government initiative to deliver research and development innovations to the tourism sector, the STCRC grew to include 16 university and 17 government and industry partners, including Tourism Australia, Qantas and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents.

Mr. Cox served for eight years as STCRC’s General Manager Communications and Industry Extension. Mr. Cox worked closely with industry, government and academic partners to incubate innovative research ideas to prototypes that now benefit Australia’s tourism sector. One of the key innovations was the scientific benchmarking and certification tools, which have underpinned Green Globe for almost 10 years.

Mr Cox said, “I welcome this appointment to the position of chief operating officer for Green Globe International as the next challenge in the progression of taking Green Globe’s advanced climate and sustainability systems to all levels of the tourism industry.

“Green Globe’s time has arrived, and we are ready to deliver our qualified methods and technologies to reduce tourism’s carbon footprint and deliver sustainable outcomes to destinations worldwide.”

Steven R. Peacock, chief executive officer of the company, stated, “The experience that Mr. Cox brings to Green Globe International, especially his years with STCRC and his firsthand knowledge of the benchmarking and certification program, will be of tremendous value as we seek to broaden the use of the Green Globe brand in new applications worldwide.”

“Mr. Cox has already begun addressing a number of new business opportunities that have been presented to Green Globe, and we expect to have tangible progress to announce in the near term,” Mr. Peacock added.

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