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Must-have accessories to take on your next trip

Whether you’re planning on starting your journey around the world or simply need to grab a train to another city, the below four accessories are definitely a must to make your travel much more comfortable. 

Have you ever been stuck in that dreaded middle plane seat and looked over to your right, seeing that stranger that you despised for having a window seat, take out something from their bag that you just wish you brought with you to make your journey even a bit more comfortable? Well, we certainly know the feeling; that’s why we’re coming here to grant you a magical list of must-have accessories you should bring with you on your next trip.

What’s even better than arriving at a new place is arriving in comfort – and we’re here to reveal the tips and tricks of how to achieve that without having to splurge extra few thousand dollars on the first-class ticket. And even if you decide that a glass of champagne served in premier class is what you’re looking for, we still think some of our tips are a must for a comfortable journey! From the refreshing face spray that will hide any signs of sleep deprivation to the best earbuds for the money– we know it all (and are willing to share!)

Quality headphones
Whether it’s an hour-long train ride or a transatlantic flight, there’s nothing worse than having to hear everything going on around you – except your own thoughts. Maybe you want to zone out from the constant chattering of the people behind you or want to signal to a friend that you need some quiet time; one thing’s for sure – a quality set of earbuds will help you achieve that. 

Investing in good headphones is money well-spent – they can last for years to come and help you zone out when you need to. On the higher price range, you can find noise-canceling features that will allow you only to hear the sound of your music and nothing more, but some cheaper headphones are also a good alternative if you’re not planning on using them on a daily basis. You can always find a great set of headphones, even in the $20 budget range!

Hydrating face mist
If you’ve ever traveled inside a plane, you very well know how dry the air inside the cabins can be. It’s not only unhealthy for your skin in general, as it can cause substantial skin dehydration, but it can even lead to blemishes or other skin issues if you spend a long time inside the cabin. A hydrating face mist is a must whether you’re going on a 10-hour plane ride or a 2-hour one. Not only are they great for your skin due to the substantial amount of minerals they provide, but they also smell great and will neutralize some of the bad smells around you. 

If you feel like splurging on a face mist, our recommendation would be a La Mer, a revitalizing face mist. Still, if you’re more inclined not to overburden your credit card, a Mario Badescu rose water can also be a great choice and will set you back much less, starting at around $12.

A substitute product for keeping your skin from dehydrating could also be a moisturizer that can be applied directly to your skin. However, we would suggest choosing a spray mist, as this does not require direct skin contact, and you don’t always have the opportunity to disinfect your hands before applying anything to your face (and you should always have germ free hands before touching your face).

Portable pillow
You never appreciate the wonders a portable pillow can do until you’re stuck in a full row of people during a long haul flight. Always be safe, rather than sorry, and invest in a portable pillow that will keep you cozy and will help you enjoy a good rest in a place that might not be so enjoyable. 

There are many different portable pillows available on the market, but our suggestion would be to get one before your airport journey, as the airport ones are incredibly expensive. Remember to put your pillow in the washing machine to keep it clean and fresh after every journey, as germs found on the planes could accumulate and make you sick.

Travel blanket
A portable travel blanket is undoubtedly one item we couldn’t omit from our list. There are hundreds of foldable blankets available on the internet, which will provide you with comfort and extra privacy on your journey. These blankets can be super affordable and used for various purposes, depending on your needs. 

If you are cold on a plane ride, you can use it to warm yourself up. If you want a rest without the whole cabin looking at you, you can also utilize one of those to cover your face while sleeping. As with travel pillows, always remember to wash them after your journey to eliminate any dirt or bacteria gathered on those, so they can be ready for you to enjoy them on your next trip.

Whether you’re planning on starting your journey around the world or simply need to grab a train to another city, those four accessories are definitely a must to make your travel much more comfortable. Before traveling, always remember that it’s not only your soul that deserves the best treatment, but that it’s also your skin you should be taking care of! 

We can’t stress the importance of moisturizing your skin to prevent it from dehydration; however, that’s not all. A portable pillow can provide a life-changing comfort, which is why you should remember to take it as well. Either way, make sure you’re prepared for any upcoming trips you may be planning, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry!