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VentureOut: A digital platform designed to transform outdoor adventure experiences


Discover VentureOut: The AI-powered outdoor app with a unique ad-free social platform. Plan, record, and share adventures like never before.

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES – VentureOut, the brainchild of Asheville-based journalist and outdoor enthusiast Eric Crews, has officially launched. This innovative app offers a unique blend of AI-powered technology and user-friendly features, making it a comprehensive tool for outdoor adventurers to record memories and meticulously plan their expeditions. The app has taken a significant leap forward by introducing an ad-free social media platform dedicated exclusively to outdoor enthusiasts.

Redefining Adventure with AI-Powered Journaling

At the heart of VentureOut is an advanced AI-driven journaling feature, a game-changer in the way adventurers document their experiences. This tool effortlessly turns simple notes and observations into rich, detailed narratives, capturing the essence of each journey, whether it’s a tranquil day hike or an exhilarating multi-week trek. The AI’s intuitive understanding of language and context ensures that every adventure is chronicled with the depth and emotion it deserves.

Comprehensive Trip Planning Tools for the Modern Explorer

VentureOut’s capabilities extend beyond memory-keeping. The app is equipped with sophisticated planning tools that empower users to organize every aspect of their adventure. From mapping out routes to creating equipment checklists and managing logistics, VentureOut offers a seamless, integrated planning experience. Its user-friendly interface is designed to cater to both the tech-savvy and the tech-averse, making adventure planning accessible to all.

Personalized User Experience: Tailored to Individual Needs

Recognizing that each adventurer has unique preferences and requirements, VentureOut provides extensive customization options. Users can tailor the app to suit their specific needs, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with their individual adventure style.


Introducing an Ad-Free Social Media Platform

In an era where digital privacy is a growing concern, VentureOut proudly presents its social media platform – a safe haven for adventurers. This platform is a bold statement against the current trends of data tracking and advertising in social media. It’s built on the ethos of no advertisements, no cookie tracking, focusing solely on the joy of adventure and the power of community. “Our goal is to create a space built by adventurers for adventurers, inspiring us to keep exploring the great outdoors,” says Eric Crews.

A Platform Born from a Passion for Adventure and Expertise in Storytelling

VentureOut’s inception stems from Crews’ extensive experience in both journalism and outdoor exploration. “During my countless hours on the trails, I realized the need for a comprehensive tool that not only aids in planning these adventures but also in preserving the rich memories they create,” says Crews. His expertise in storytelling has been instrumental in crafting an app that offers a unique narrative dimension to adventure recording.

Features That Set VentureOut Apart:

  • Dynamic AI Journaling: VentureOut’s AI technology is designed to adapt to individual styles, ensuring each adventure story is as unique as the experiences themselves.
  • Interactive Maps: Detailed, user-friendly mapping tools are available for efficient map and trail exploration with 3D topography.
  • Comprehensive Trip Preparation: Everything needed for a well-prepared adventure is conveniently accessible.
  • Community Engagement: A platform for adventurers to share stories, tips, and experiences with a global community.
  • Privacy-Centric Approach: Committed to safeguarding personal information, VentureOut ensures a secure user experience.
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