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APH.Com reveals the increasing “Kiss-and-Fly” fees for dropping off and picking up at UK airports


​Most airports do offer free drop-off areas however these also come with a time limit and are usually located in the Long-stay Car Park away from the airport forecourt, requiring a long walk or bus transfer to the terminal.

Are you the family airport taxi service? Dropping family and friends at the airport forecourt, commonly known as “Kiss and Fly”, will now cost a little more than just fuel and time in the car, following an increase in charges for using the designated drop-off areas at London Gatwick from £5 – £6 in January.

​Most UK airports charge drivers for dropping and picking up loved ones, so airport specialist Airport Parking and Hotels ( has revealed the range of charges at the 20 top UK airports – helping designated drivers to plan ahead.

The guide reveals costs and allocated times for dropping-off, pick-up and parking in the short-stay car park at UK Airports including Manchester, London Gatwick, and Newcastle Airport.

​Of the 20 airports, London Stansted was found to be one of the most expensive, charging £7 for 15 minutes with Bristol, Leeds and London Gatwick coming close behind charging drivers £6 for 10 minutes. The cheapest airports, Norwich International and Southampton Airports, charge £5 for up to 30 minutes and only two were found to allow drivers the option of dropping-off outside the terminal for free – Cardiff International Airport and Birmingham International Airport, but only if drivers spend no longer than 5 minutes or 10 minutes respectively in the drop-off area.

To avoid a hefty Penalty Charge of up to £100, drivers are also advised to check the airport’s payment options as London Gatwick and London Heathrow only accept charges to be paid online, over the phone or by setting up an AutoPay account whereas most other airports accept cash or card payments.

Nick Caunter, Managing Director of Airport Parking and Hotels ( said, “Asking friends and family for a ‘Kiss and Fly’ lift may seem like a good option, however once they’ve taken into account the cost of fuel, vehicle wear and tear and airport fees it may cost them a lot more than you think. Also, there is an environmental cost to consider from the extra return journey. We advise travellers to do their research before asking friends or family as other options such as pre-booking airport parking can not only be cheaper, but also a more environmentally friendly way to travel.”

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