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Survey reveals: Today’s travelers look for affordable luxury


So-called affordable luxury is what best defines the current demand for global travel.

ASAP Tickets has released the findings of its recent consumer travel habits survey, revealing the most popular in-flight amenities and main factors that influence travelers’ flight preferences.
Despite the overall increase in travel costs, 93% of air passengers surveyed across the US and Canada are willing to pay extra for in-flight upgrades that add more convenience and comfort to
their traveling experience.


According to the survey results, both male and female passengers have similar preferences when it comes to selecting paid in-flight amenities: almost 26% of air passengers marked checked-in luggage as the most important of all extras they are willing to pay for on top of airplane tickets. Flight insurance is the next most popular upgrade that 20% of passengers book for their trips to protect themselves against any unexpected circumstances while traveling by plane. Also, seat selection is among the top three in-flight amenities of choice for nearly one-fifth of all respondents. However, it is slightly more popular among male travelers who prefer choosing their seat in 18% of the cases.

Likewise, men are more willing to pay extra for additional luggage (11%), while among women, this amenity is only relevant for 8% of passengers. Extra legroom, WiFi services and in-flight meals are also on the list of most frequently booked extras by almost one-fifth of air travelers. Only 7% of the survey participants revealed they don’t select any in-flight perks that come with additional charges.


The recent ASAP Tickets study also analyzed other air passenger travel habits, such as the main factors that affect their decision when selecting flights in a similar price range. Time of departure
and arrival turns out to be the number one factor influencing travelers’ preferences when securing a trip in 26% of the cases. If possible, most air passengers try to avoid early morning and late-night flights that are less convenient but often times a cheaper option. Over one-fourth of all survey participants base their preferences on this aspect of their flight. Another 23% also consider the airline company they usually prefer to travel with.

Meanwhile, the number of connections is a slightly more crucial factor for 25% of female travelers compared to 17% of male travelers who, apparently don’t mind spending more time on the way.
However, for men, the airport of departure and arrival is more important in 13% of the cases, while only 8% of women selected this as their main preference when taking a flight. Type of an aircraft
and luggage allowance is another factor to consider for 15% of survey participants, while only less than 5% marked selection of on-board services and other similar aspects of a trip as their main
preference in booking a flight when more similarly priced ticket options are available.

“The increasing costs of travel have been a hot topic in the recent post-covid period leading to consumers looking for more budget-friendly travel options. However, the majority of them do not
want to sacrifice their comfort and are, therefore, ready to spend more on different in-flight upgrades that take the travel experience to the next level. As people are still prioritizing travel over
other costs, we can currently see an increased demand for affordable luxury that allows us to travel the world in style and comfort for less. It is a trend that is highly expected to influence and shape peoples’ travel habits throughout 2024,” Alex Weinstein, the Founder of ASAP Tickets, commented.



Methodology: Research conducted by ASAP tickets among adults who have traveled for business or leisure in the past 12 months using ASAP Tickets and Skyluxtravel agency services in the United States and Canada. In total, more than 1,000 respondents aged 18 and above.