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UK hoteliers are on the brink of burn-out 


Profitroom study shows more than half of British hoteliers are ready to quit their jobs due to unprecedented high stress levels.

More than half of British hoteliers are teetering on the edge of burnout and contemplating leaving their roles due to skyrocketing stress levels.In a startling wake-up call for the hospitality industry, a new Profitroom study reveals that nearly 70 per cent of hoteliers have considered leaving their position due to stress.

In the survey by award-winning booking platform Profitroom, 72 per cent of hoteliers describe their stress levels as “high” during peak Christmas and summer periods. From battling a staffing crisis to rising interest rates and inflation, UK hoteliers are facing unprecedented pressure, with nearly one in seven reaching breaking point during these periods.

Adapting to the dynamic market and latest technological advancements also cause stress for more than 50% of the hoteliers surveyed.

Patryk Luszcz, Profitroom regional director, said: “These findings are really concerning – our UK hoteliers are navigating some complex challenges and are currently feeling the heat. We knew anecdotally that hoteliers were stressed but this study has unearthed just how bad the problem really is and the issues that are causing the most amount of worry and anxiety. It’s a real wake up call for all those involved in the hospitality industry.”

The survey found that more than a third of hoteliers find the greatest satisfaction when guests book directly – with half believing an automated booking and marketing system would boost satisfaction levels and reduce stress.

The data also reveals that among all hospitality roles, General Managers carry the weight of this stress ranking the highest for having the hotel’s most demanding job. Many General Managers even stated they would rather “get through the airport with their children” (30 percent) or “complete a tax return” (23 per cent) than deal with stressful hotel costs and OTA fees.

Patryk said: “We conducted the survey so we could further understand the issues hoteliers face. Booking tech and OTA’s are high areas of concern and thankfully that is somewhere we can help. Profitroom’s goal is for UK hoteliers to wake up to a liberated team, with time to prioritise guest satisfaction and loyalty all while increasing revenue and direct-bookings. I would urge hoteliers to wake up to what’s possible with a tech partner like Profitroom that guarantees an increase in direct bookings and reduces workload with low time and initial cost investment. Profittroom provides our hoteliers with user-friendly and innovative booking technology that can have a real business impact – and perhaps most importantly a real impact on how our hoteliers feel about coming to work.”

Top findings from Profitroom’s study of UK hoteliers includes:

Top stress contributing factors



  1. Adapting and implementing new technology


  1. Delivering great service


  1. Driving revenue


  1. Reviewing budgets and ensuring forecasts are accurate


  1. Sales and marketing strategy


  1. Recruitment and managing staff


  1. Dealing with costs and OTA fees



Top responsibilities Hoteliers don’t have time for



  1. Boosting guest experiences


  1. Managing new guest enquiries


  1. Integrating hospitality technology into your business


  1. Building targeted marketing campaigns and addressing cart abandonment


  1. Building direct booking strategies


  1. Strategic and financial planning, or other administrative tasks


  1. Training and motivating staff


Top tools that would reduce Hoteliers stress levels



  1. Booking system automation/self service


  1. Marketing automation


  1. Comprehensive channel manager to manage inventory, rates and OTAs


  1. Intuitive booking engine


  1. User-friendly website



**Information collected from Profitroom Independent survey of 1,000 General Managers from Independent Hotels throughout the UK.

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