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The 11,640 square foot lounge provides dedicated areas for recharging, including two wellness rooms that feature anti-gravity massage chairs and

The international lounge will be open 24 hours a day so guests can enjoy the experience no matter when they

The new AMBAAR Club POA lounge spans 250 square meters and can welcome 76 guests.

While traditional definitions that are applied to travelers - like the classic ‘business’ versus ‘leisure’, ‘millennial’ versus ‘boomer’ - remain

As airports continue to invest in more structured loyalty there has also been an increase in the number of travelers

Travelers are increasingly utilizing these spaces for enjoyment as part of their journeys for leisure purposes rather than for business.

Airport Dimensions research has pin-pointed how airports must adapt their retail and experience offerings to appeal to the modern traveler.

This is Airport Dimensions’ second sleep ’n fly lounge at the airport and the sixth opening in its fast-growing sleep

Spanning 538 square meters, the new space is elevating the lounge experience for customers travelling through the airport.

The Ambaar Club brand is elevating lounge experience in Brazil to a new level, offering a high standard, hyper-localized bespoke