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In July, the top five European airports observed a 4.3% decline in passenger traffic compared to pre-COVID-19 levels recorded in

A total of 1,202,989 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport in the first six months of 2022, four times more than

No matter how carefully you have planned your business trip or vacation, from arriving early to check in, to paying

Large phones, laptops and tablets now allowed in the cabin on the majority of flights to the UK from Turkey

For all of its size, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson was voted best airport in the country for its ability to handle high

LaGuardia has the most flight delays and cancellations and the most expensive parking among the 30 surveyed airports. JFK has

While overall Internet speed improved across all airports this year, it was the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, USA,

Global airport expenditure on information and communication technology (ICT), as a percentage of revenues, fell back slightly in 2015 to 5.21%

Regional airports leading the world in development, luxury and innovation.

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