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European Transport Workers’ Federation

Not only is the aviation industry not appealing anymore, but aviation workers are also mostly left alone to face other

"The leaked document uncovers the highly problematic practices Wizz Air management has used to get rid of what they perceive

The SES2+ proposal is currently being discussed by European Parliament’s political groups, opening the space for real debate about the

European Transport Workers’ Federation calls on national governments and the European institutions to provide financial help conditional on protecting jobs

2020 has been an extremely turbulent year for the transport industry and its workers. The Strategy aims to emerge from

The Ryanair CEO’s bonus comes after the carrier received state support, provided for from taxpayers’ money, and implemented salary reduction

The ETF does not believe that increased competition will bring a positive change in the ATM sector. Recovery of ATM,

In cooperation with the dismissed workers, ETF and ITF launched an online petition. Both union federations are calling on Ukrainian

COVID-19 has exacerbated companies’ dubious practices: letterbox companies, precarious contracts, deteriorating working conditions and salaries – this is the reality

ETF and ECA warmly welcome the joint commitment made by the Commissioners to deliver a social package for aviation in