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Overtourism is a key issue for sustainable destination management. Dealing with the problem starts in measuring seven key dimensions, that according to

Phocuswright WiT Middle East is a joint event from Northstar Travel Group’s two leading travel tech platforms. The co-branded one-day conference, on

The use of AI by agents and personalised travel apps is an important future trend.

Sun & beach vacations continued to top the list of German holidaymakers.

Amidst concerns of unmet expectations, soaring costs, and regulatory hurdles, some industry analysts are already labeling the technology as "overhyped,"

Phocuswright identifies the most significant innovation trends in travel technology and distribution for 2024 and beyond.

Insights from industry experts shed light on the evolving dynamics.

In an industry increasingly scrutinized for environmental impact, the practice of 'greenwashing' — conveying a misleading impression of eco-friendliness —

But artificial intelligence startups must demonstrate real value in crowded marketplace.

Recent report from Phocuswright suggests greater cross-sector collaboration between travel and consumer finance.