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Riga Airport

With the switch to wintertime this weekend, on 29 October, Riga Airport will change to the autumn/winter flight schedule, offering

The total number of passengers at Riga Airport is expected to reach 6.65 million in 2023.

The collaboration officially commences with an exciting excursion to Riga Airport on September 21, 2023, where students will be introduced

411 thousand passengers or 60% of the total number of passengers flew with the national airline airBaltic, while 153 thousand

The upward trend in expenses can be predominantly attributed to the escalation in energy resource prices, the mounting expenses related

The modernization initiative for electrical supply infrastructure at Riga Airport encompasses an upgrade of the existing 10-kilovolt electrical grid to

The proportion of transit and transfer passengers increased to 26% in July as a result of the extensive summer flight

The Latvian Hydrogen Association and Riga Airport are joining partners to promote the application of the hydrogen solution in the

The occupancy of passenger aircraft in January–June was 72 percent (in 2022 – 64%), but in June it was 79%.

This year, only eight companies in Latvia were awarded the Diamond category.