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GO Group LLC survey results suggest that only a small portion of travelers stay at short-term rentals with considerable regularity.

To switch seats without offending their seatmate, 25% opted to ask an attendant for another one because of real or

Many of the The GO Group survey respondents noted that the level of compensation should be adjusted to reflect the

Twenty-two percent named "people who recline their seat in your lap" as the number one annoyance, followed by "loud talkers"

Pineapple Hospitality group offers its guests The Naked Experience which provides a great night's sleep and the freedom to get

At 75 percent, more men than women prefer to arrive early, with 69 percent of women answering they did so.Thirty

Several of the more than 733 survey respondents had comments, noting they think the food and beverage offerings are too

Today's travelers arrive in sweat pants, tank tops and flip flops, and apparently not too many people care. Of the

Thirty-one percent of respondents in a survey conducted by The GO Group, LLC had no opinion on the subject, while

The Jacksonville GO member, which operates a fleet of 15 vans, SUVS and sedans, also provides charters for private parties