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Differing trends in the continents characterise 2019. Above-average growth by Asians contrasts with decline in Latin American outbound travel.  

Asian outbound trips increased by eight per cent; International travel within the region key growth driver, strongest increases from China.

ITB World Travel Trends Report forecasts rising figures for European tourism – Conflicts cause tourists to play safe - Latest

City trips in Europe grow twice as fast as total international holiday market – Paris, London and Berlin are top

Shopping was found to be popular with people of all ages and regardless of education and wealth. It enjoyed equal

ITB Berlin and IPK International analyse Russian outbound trips over the last few years – Turkey and Ukraine are Russians’

A study by ITB Berlin and IPK International shows the eurozone crisis is impacting on tourism to Greece – in

ITB Berlin and IPK International investigate Europeans’ preferred types of accommodation – Germans favour middle-class hotels, Russians and Britons the