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RateHawk expands its hotel reviews database with Expedia


Each newly connected platform sets high standards and requirements for submitting reviews, ensuring they come from real guests after checkout., an online system for booking hotels, air tickets, and transfers for travel professionals, has announced a new partnership with one of the leading companies in the travel industry, Expedia Group. From now on, RateHawk will integrate the reviews from platforms Expedia,, and Vrbo into its existing review database sourced from users of Tripadvisor and RateHawk’s own services. The collaboration will provide US travel professionals with access to one the most comprehensive hotel feedback collections in the market.

By connecting reviews from Expedia Group’s platforms, RateHawk’s review database has grown by an impressive 17.8% and now includes over 136 million verified reviews for hotels, apartments, and other accommodations worldwide. The further expansion of the review database will help travel agents make informed hotel choices and ensure that the chosen options align with clients’ preferences and expectations.

Felix Shpilman, CEO of Emerging Travel Group, RateHawk’s parent company, commented, “RateHawk is committed to developing tools that help travel professionals work more efficiently. Our platform offers a selection of 2.2 million accommodations in 220 countries. Navigating through this vast array of options may seem daunting and time-consuming. By considering the shared experiences and authentic insights of previous guests, travel agents can narrow down the selection and focus on the most suitable accommodations for their clients. This will significantly ease the decision-making process and result in travelers having a comfortable and memorable experience.”

The newly added reviews are already available in RateHawk’s portal. This new content will provide greater coverage for accommodations in the USA, as well as Asian and European destinations.

Earlier this month, RateHawk unveiled a rebranding of its visual identity and interface updates. The new graphics reflect RateHawk’s strive to supercharge travel agents and empower them to
excel in their roles.