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RateTiger drives 70% occupancy growth for Al Midan Hotel Group on leading OTAs


Strongly recommends RateTiger by eRevMax solutions for online distribution

SAUDI ARABIA – Al Midan Hotel Group in Saudi Arabia achieves unprecedented revenue growth with RateTiger Solution. Leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager for the past eight months, this esteemed luxury property efficiently manages rate updates and inventory distribution across multiple online sales channels, seamlessly integrating reservations into their PMS.

The Al Midan Hotel Group consists of four exquisite properties: Medan Hotel, Violet Hotel Al-Aziziyah, Afraa Al Azizia, and Violet Alshisha Hotel. Each hotel embodies the royal essence of Saudi Arabia. Situated near Mekkah Mall, these establishments offer a harmonious blend of luxury and accessibility. Guests can explore the meticulously designed spaces within the hotels, where beauty gracefully unfolds at every turn.

Across four properties of Al Midan Hotel Group, RateTiger Channel Manager has been implemented to manage rates and inventory effectively in real-time across diverse online channels. Its automation features effectively streamline manual processes, thus saving valuable time for hotel staff while minimizing the risk of errors. Integrating PMS systems, mainly OPERA, ensures seamless data exchange, enhancing operational efficiency and guaranteeing accurate availability and pricing information. Furthermore, RateTiger’s robust analytics capabilities provide invaluable insights into booking patterns, revenue performance, and channel effectiveness, enabling hotels to make informed decisions to optimize their revenue strategies.

This hotel group has experienced significant growth since implementing RateTiger services, with an impressive surge of approximately 70% observed in bookings through online travel agencies such as and Agoda. Leveraging RateTiger solutions has undoubtedly contributed to this notable expansion, allowing these four properties to optimize its presence across various online platforms and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

“I am truly impressed by RateTiger’s commitment to providing prompt and knowledgeable support. The assistance we receive, particularly from Mr. Ayman Wani, has been invaluable in navigating technical challenges and ensuring smooth operations. The accessibility of their support team, whether through phone or email, adds further convenience to our experience. I am confident that RateTiger’s continued support will greatly contribute to our future success.” commented Mr. Shahryar Yasin, IT Manager, Al Midan Hotel Group.

“RateTiger 2-way XML integration with property management systems and CRM software has revolutionized our approach to business straegy implementation. This seamless data exchange and workflow automation enable us to take a more holistic approach, driving efficiency and optimizing our revenue management practices. Leveraging RateTiger, we are empowered to enhance our pricing and distribution strategies, ultimately achieving our business objectives with greater precision and effectiveness.” summed up Mr. Shahryar.

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