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Sabre is first GDS to power NDC for SAP Concur and the corporate travelers it serves


By making Sabre-sourced NDC content available to its customers and users, SAP Concur can help accelerate the industry’s shift from traditional EDIFACT to NDC distribution. In turn, corporations will gain access to more personalized offers to deliver a better travel experience to their employees.

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, is the first global distribution system (GDS) to provide New Distribution Capability (NDC) content to corporate travelers through SAP Concur, the world’s leading brand for travel, expense, and invoice management solutions.

Since SAP Concur integrated Sabre’s Offer and Order APIs in the fourth quarter of 2023, TMCs and corporations using Concur Travel are able to shop, book, fulfil and service NDC content from a growing number of carriers via the Sabre GDS.

“To make NDC scale, all links in the travel value chain have to evolve if the industry is to achieve the full potential of NDC. At Sabre, we have the privilege of collaborating across the travel ecosystem,” said Kathy Morgan, Vice President, Distribution Experience Product Management at Sabre Travel Solutions. “We’re excited to be the first GDS that powers NDC for SAP Concur and the corporate travelers they serve.”

Morgan continued, “Now that the technical foundations of NDC are largely complete, attention will turn back to airlines to see what types of innovative offers they will create and distribute via NDC connections. We expect wide-spread adoption of the new standards to incentivize changing processes and procedures across the industry.”

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