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Trevolution Group launches flight ticketing operations in the UK

This move positions the UK as one of its key travel business hubs, coinciding with the resurgence of global travel volumes to pre-pandemic levels.

Trevolution Group, global market leader operating International Travel Network, Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, has announced a successful launch of its services in the UK market. Trevolution Group is strategically expanding locally with its Asaptickets brand, aiming to provide budget-class flight deals and excellent customer service. Since the launch of direct ticketing to British customers at the beginning of 2023, the company has seen solid growth with thousands of sold flight tickets to some of the most popular international destinations. This move positions the UK as one of its key travel business hubs, coinciding with the resurgence of global travel volumes to pre-pandemic levels.

Since 2000 up until early 2023, Asaptickets was acquiring customers mainly in the USA and Canada, selling tickets from and to North America and focusing on VFR tourism. However, the growing demand for international travel and discounted tickets from other parts of the world stimulated the need to expand into new markets and continents. Earlier this year, Trevolution Group identified the Philippines as its new acquisition market. The UK has long been one of the most popular international travel capitals connecting main London airports to the rest of the world, thus it was a strategically reasonable next step in Trevolution Group’s development and expansion to become IATA-certified and enter this new market. With major airlines deploying the pre-pandemic capacity, travelers from the UK can now easily get access to affordable transatlantic flights to the US, as well as Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, East and West Africa, the Middle East, and European destinations.

“Despite the tough competition in the travel market that has now spiked to pre-pandemic levels, Asaptickets has been able to secure its positions and start building a loyal customer base in the UK. We can see major airlines becoming more open to working with offline agencies, and our main goal is to build partnerships directly with the world’s top airlines, including local carriers, and have our own enhanced affiliate partner agreements that provide our customers access to the best discounted content not available elsewhere,” says Peter Vazan, EVP of Industry Relations at Trevolution Group.

Trevolution Group has been a global expert market leader for almost two decades which gives the company a strong advantage in different markets. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service throughout the entire booking process, Trevolution Group has cultivated extensive expertise in the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segment. This segment holds a dominant market share in the United Kingdom.

Based on the data from the first months of ticketing operations, the United States, Canada, and India have emerged as the top travel destinations from London airports. Additionally, shorter European getaways to sunny locations like Spain, Greece, and the Mediterranean have gained popularity among travellers seeking a relaxed escape. Over the years and especially after the pandemic, people’s travel habits have shifted significantly. Rather than going on more frequent trips, travellers are now opting for fewer but longer stays abroad and purchasing return tickets to ensure a greater sense of security.

Trevolution Group incorporates the travel businesses of the Dyninno Group of companies, which provides products and services in the finance, travel, and entertainment sectors. Trevolution Group has established itself as the market leader in the travel business, specializing in the visiting friends and relatives’ segment. Over 730,000 airline tickets and vacation packages were sold by Trevolution Group in 2022, which makes it the fifth-largest travel consolidator in the US.

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