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Zartico launches ZDOS Airport, strategic-planning solution for U.S. airports

Streamlined data intelligence answers key questions about passenger trends.

SALT LAKE CITY – Zartico, the creators of the world’s first Destination Operating System, announces the latest in game-changing data solutions with the launch of ZDOS Airport. Designed to meet the unique needs of airports, ZDOS Airport offers new insights into passenger behavior, allowing airports to make data-led decisions for the benefit of travelers and local communities.

With a partner base of more than 250 North American destination organizations, Zartico recognized that the airports share a common pain point with many destinations — a lack of transformational data insights that fuels innovation and supports competition. This new self-service application fills that gap and allows them to compete on revenue generation.

ZDOS Airport uses the same rigorous data science methodology that powers Zartico’s destination management solutions. The application’s passenger-specific data model simplifies dataset analysis, requiring little customization or technical know-how to derive meaningful insights that drive new revenue possibilities in route development, local passenger inflow, and parking utilization.

ZDOS Airport equips airports to now answer key questions, including:

  1. Where do our outbound and inbound passengers live? See the full picture of your local catchment area, and understand what markets inbound travelers are coming from.
  2. How does our market share compare to nearby competing airports? Know how your airport stacks up – who in your catchment area is choosing a competing airport, and who is traveling into competing airports to reach your destination.
  3. Who is using our parking services, and who is choosing an off-site competitor? Develop targeted marketing strategies to drive incremental parking growth.
  4. Where do inbound passengers go in our destination? Understand travel motivators for inbound flyers to create out-of-market advertising opportunities and grow strategic partnerships with in-market attractions and event venues.

“Data is a powerful tool for understanding human movement and the economic opportunities tied to it,” says Zartico CEO Sarah Lehman. “In developing ZDOS Airport, we’ve combined everything we’ve learned from working with tourism destinations, then innovated, focused, and streamlined it in order to give airport leaders the precise intelligence they need to elevate their organizations moving forward.”

ZDOS Airport is built on Zartico’s Integrated Data Model, using high-resolution geolocation data and event data to generate meaningful insights that supplement gate data. By filling in the data gaps, ZDOS™ Airport brings the full picture of passenger behavior into focus, empowering airports to market more strategically and manage more effectively.

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