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Hotel Industry Leading Indicator –HIL– up in August

Looking at HIL's six-month growth rate, which has historically confirmed the forthcoming turning points in U.S. hotel business activity, posted a positive rate of 4% in August, following a positive rate of 3.3% in July.
  • Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority

    Sharjah unveils tourism statistics for first half of 2014

    According to the SCTDA statistics, European tourists once again came out on top. Sharjah received 409,578 European visitors in the first half of 2014 accounting for 37 per cent of the total number of tourists. The Russian tourists formed 25 per cent of the total number of European visitors.
  • Destination

    Travel interest to Venice increases by 39%

    On the day that George Clooney wed Amal Alamuddin in a civil service ceremony, hotel searches made by UK users increased by 39 per cent in comparison to the previous week. Searches made on Monday 29th September for a hotel stay during October and November were compared to searches made on Monday 22nd September.

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