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Arthur Balfour returns to Jerusalem while glitz and glam sparkle in Haifa

Atlas Hotels, Israel's leading boutique hotel chain is excited to announce the opening of Arthur Hotel in Jerusalem on March 3rd 2013 and Hotel Bay Club in Haifa on March 1st 2013.
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - Atlas Hotels has been creating unique boutique hotels across Israel since 1999 and the company is proud to be adding their first ever boutique hotel in Haifa and their second boutique hotel in Jerusalem to their diverse collection. With over 15 million dollars invested, both hotels encompass a unique concept with inspired design that is the trademark of each Atlas Boutique Hotel.

With beautiful design and garden view rooms Bay Club Haifa is situated midway between Haifa Bay and the peak of Mount Carmel. Housed in a historic building surrounded by a picturesque garden the hotel's unique design of old world glamour mixed with the light and airy feeling of famous resort towns, such as Cannes and Monte Carlo, bring to life the theme of a luxurious 1930s Mediterranean Villa.

With a total of 2500 square meters the hotel includes 53 comfortable guest rooms, a fitness room, and a spacious lounge opening up to a tranquil sitting area in the garden. Built in the 1920s the hotel stays true to the modern elegance of the original Art Deco structure by keeping pieces such as the white and black marble flooring along with the Grande Hall entrance. In addition four floors were added to the hotel with each one exactly matching the original exterior of the building.

With a joint investment of 25 million shekels by Atlas Hotels and Israel Levy, the property owner, Bay Club can be described as a small gem that has been polished to perfection. Guests are invited to take a step back and experience the old world glitz and glamour in an environment evoking the brisk freshness of the seaside, while the furnishings and opulent finishes evoke the modern and sleek elegance of the Art Deco era.

Sitting in the heart of the Ben Yehudah promenade in central Jerusalem is the 54 room Arthur Hotel. Built in the colonial style with a joint investment of 35 million shekels by Eli Yochanan Engineers Ltd., the property owners and Atlas Hotels Arthur takes its name from the historic figure Lord Arthur Balfour. Following the name the hotel's concept and design takes its inspiration from the enduring spirit and peoples of Jerusalem in the 1930s. Arthur combines vintage appeal with contemporary hospitality for a unique guest experience.

Guests are provided with a fascinating encounter of the cultures, people and styles that made up the city during the 1930s which all had influences on the creation of early Jerusalem. This eclectic mix of Turkish, English and Jewish designs can be seen throughout the walls, furniture and fabrics that make up the hotel. This decor, as well as photographs dating back to the beginning of the 20th century that adorn the walls transport guests back to a world rich in nostalgia and old world charm.
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