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Le Bourget 2015, Paris: The leading aviation event

Since I have the pleasure of visiting the exhibition for about 20 years, in order to keep in touch with the latest aviation developments in the field of commercial aircraft, I did not miss the opportunity.

For one more year, this unique exhibition in the field of aviation, took place in Paris, France, from 15th to the 21st of June. Since I have the pleasure of visiting the exhibition for about 20 years, in order to keep in touch with the latest aviation developments in the field of commercial aircraft, I did not miss the opportunity. Even for 36 hours, I experienced the revolution that is happening in modern aeronautics.
The ambitious Airbus Α350-900 ΧB, and Α350-1000 ΧΒ, aircraft that have caused an uproar in the market, with their many orders and their innovative aerospace technology, gave a recital. The new Bombardier project, CS300, with 135 seats, is trying to offer a solution to medium capacities. Alongside, the also new product of the Brazilian Embraer, Ε195-Ε2, struggles to achieve many orders.
I hardly forget the Boeing 737 max 7, another aircraft that I observed with great interest. An aircraft that innovates and leads the family of 737 to new paths and a safe course. Of course, the A319 neo and the A320 neo, are another two new aircraft that “see” far into the future.
Certainly, the Russians could not be missing, trying to achieve commercial substance with the famous superjet Sukhoi, even with few customers from the West, such as the Mexican Interjet.
The super aircraft 787-10 is preparing for its debut in 2018 with deliveries and already has 142 closed orders. A unique aviation machine, made with carbon fiber and innovative revolutionary solutions. Boeing also takes the 777X even further, with a new version (amendment), trying to attract the mega clients in the Middle East.
Will the Airbus A380 be left behind? It was present of course, progressing and claims new laurels and orders, with new engines and a fresh interior layout.
But such a feast would not be lacking air force creations.
So, the Russian Sukhoi made their appearance against the American F-16 Β52+, breaking ground in strength and stability and aeronautic design. Would the Eurofighter with their multinational dynamics be absent? or Rafales of France?
It was indeed an air bliss for all of us, the osmosis with so many air machines and doctrines, this year. Great experience, search of new horizons by a multitude of manufacturers of aircraft and engines.
Over the next 5-10 years the world fleet of passenger aircraft is expected to grow by more than 23,000 aircraft. The world population, businessmen and ordinary passengers steadily vote aviation field as the safest, fastest and most dynamic means of transport.
And thus new aircraft are created, with new speed, new ways of promoting, with a new “dream”. What leads man maybe even beyond his limits. We will observe these new limits in England next year. At Farnborough. We hope to be there again with new experiences, new aviation horizons. 


Emmanuel A. Gyzis is managing partner of Emmanuel A. Gyzis & Associates Law Offices.


Managing Partner - Emmanuel A. Gyzis & Associates Law Offices | + Posts

Emmanuel A. Gyzis is managing partner of Emmanuel A. Gyzis & Associates Law Offices.

He was born in Athens, Greece, 13 January 1947; admitted to Athens Bar Association 1974. Education: University of Athens, Law School (1972), London, (L.LM. 1980), specialized in Aviation Law and originally worked in the respective field on behalf of British Tour Operators and Charter companies. 

With longstanding journalistic and writing activity, his articles have been published in financial newspapers and magazines specialized in Aviation and Tourism. Author of pioneering monographs on the development issues of Olympic Airways (1989), he has published during a course of many years, a series of articles regarding its viability, its position in the international environment, as well as for other private airlines in general, while at the same time he participated in relevant International and Greek Conferences and Organizations. Successful and long-term engagement with issues regarding private airports / heliports, Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Aircraft Fractional Ownership, Ground handling matters. At his law firm “EMM. GYZIS AND ASSOCIATES”, together with a group of specialized associates he deals mainly with aviation law issues (cooperation with construction companies for commercial aircraft and leasing companies) and tourism law issues, specializing in mass tourism from/ to Greece and occasionally cooperating with Tour Operators. Since 1993, he has founded a number of Greek and foreign airline companies, on behalf of his clients, in accordance with the applicable legal status. He has participated in committees for the drafting of legislation regarding air transport, such as private airports, the Presidential Decree for private heliports and the Basic Legislation of the Aviation Code and he is the General Secretary of the Hellenic Aviation Society. For many years, he has been studying emerging markets, as a consultant for foreign companies, which plan to invest worldwide.


MEMBER: Athens Bar Association, International Bar Association, European Society of International Law (ESIL), American Society of International Law (ASIL), British-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Greek-American Union, Hellenic Aviation Society.

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