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6 ways to manage your business when you’re on vacation

This guide will give you six practical tips for managing your business when you’re on vacation.

Many people say that your vacation should be just that – a vacation. That means blue waters, fancy drinks, and not one thought about work. However, for many business owners, unplugging completely isn't practical. Your team might still need you at the helm to ensure things run smoothly. 

This guide will give you six practical tips for managing your business when you're on vacation. With our advice, you'll enjoy your time away without also ensuring that your office is operating as normal.

1. Schedule a Team Building Activity
Team building activities are essential to healthy office culture. Since you're going to be away from your desk anyway, why not make the most of your time away and schedule one during your vacation? 

You can coordinate everything from trivia nights to Finch Magician, which offers virtual magic shows. These events let you have fun on your vacation and connect with the employees that make your business possible.

No matter which activity you choose, this is a great opportunity to do something productive for your office that's fun, relaxing, and requires no hard work on your part.

2. Schedule Work Days/Times
Unfortunately, managing your business while on vacation isn't all fun and games. You're going to have to do a little work to stay on top of things.

One of our most practical tips? Plan the days/times when you'll be working. Do your best to stick to these periods – otherwise, you'll spend your whole trip tethered to your computer.

Depending on how well your business can run without you, you can set aside as little as 30 minutes per day (or even every other day!). You'll have just enough time to check in with your team, listen to voicemails, respond to emails, etc.

3. Plan Time to Delegate Responsibilities
Don't spring your vacation on your employees at the last minute. Give them plenty of notice and delegate some of your responsibilities accordingly.

In most cases, they'll appreciate you trusting them. And they'll want you to have a nice vacation, so you don't become a burned-out boss! Just work out who will do what way ahead of time so they can be fully prepared for their new responsibilities. 

4. Inform Customers and Suppliers
Your employees shouldn't be the only ones to know you're hitting the road – consider informing your customers and suppliers as well!

That way, they'll expect to be dealing with employees other than yourself. Plus, they'll look forward to your return when you can tell them all about your trip! 

5. Don't Set Deadlines During Your Vacation
If major deadlines fall during your vacation, your employees will be more likely to call and take up a lot of your downtime. Be proactive by taking your trip during a slower season. If all goes well, your employees will focus on routine tasks while you're exploring the Eiffel Tower.  

6. Do Some Serious Thinking Ahead
Some tasks you won't be able to do before you leave. But the good news is that if you plan ahead, you can get a lot of stuff off your plate.

For instance, if you make regular posts to your social media accounts, use a tool like Hootsuite. All you have to do is create your posts before you leave and schedule them. Hootsuite will post them while you're gone!

Another task you can do beforehand? Pay your bills in advance. That way, you won't have providers chasing you down when you're halfway around the world. 

The Bottom Line – Strike a Balance
Once you leave for vacation, we know how tempting it is to throw your phone out the window. But staying in the loop can make it easier for you to catch up when you get back. Knowing that you set your team up for success in your absence may even help you relax more.

As long as you follow our tips, you'll strike the perfect balance between work and relaxation (emphasis on relaxation!). 

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