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Eight motivation tips that will get you through flying training

We are sharing the key guidelines that will help you get through your training course successfully. These tips will help you prepare for your course including saving money, getting the right mindset and what to do if you lose motivation.

You know, most people can only dream of what the pilots see. After all, a mile of highway takes you only one mile while a mile of runway takes you to infinity. If you are a young student who aspires to become a helicopter pilot, you have come to the right place.

Following, we are sharing the key guidelines that will help you get through your training course successfully. These tips will help you prepare for your course including saving money, getting the right mindset and what to do if you lose motivation. Everything is mentioned here!

1. Ask Questions
The Aviation World is amazing. When you step into this world for the first time, you will be overwhelmed. Acronyms and professional terms will flood your brain when you start. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and build your knowledge.

Do whatever you can, Google or join a helicopter program. Find helpful material that will make your journey easy. Having a mentor can also help your case. Ask questions and read discussions on helicopters. You need to see different opinions on several subjects and flying techniques. This will help you get along with your course.

2. Be Adaptive
Try to start the course once you saved all the money. Don’t forget to do your research while saving money. This will help you start the training program. There is a lot of informative material available on the internet.

Start your research and establish a good base knowledge. It will help you stay excited and motivated during your training.

3. Discovery Flight
If you have a love for rotor wings, take the discovery flight despite if you are in the Research Phase. Discovery Flight is a short flight which puts you in Pilot Seat of Training Helicopter along with a flight instructor.

The flight lasts about an hour and gives you a pretty good idea of what your training will be like. It gives you a good introduction of how the flight school works and an insight into their culture. This flight also gives a basic idea of how these school work and help you decide whether you this is the right place for you or not. This is particularly handy if you are considering a helicopter flight school as your career path. The flight instructor will answer any questions and discuss your future goals.

Discovery Flight isn’t a big commitment, and you can log the flight time in your logbook. If you got hooked after discovery flight, you still have time left before committing to training. Use this time to install a flight simulator on your desktop. If you can afford, get a Full Motion Simulator with an instructor.

4. Don’t get Stuck Within Gears
Most recruits spend too much time on their gears. Pilots like to have the latest and greatest. There are many gadgets out there for you to check. However, Flight Training costs serious money, so you better safe first for your training. You can find good equipment online.

A Pro Tip, don’t buy gear unless you need it. This will help you control your expenses!

5. Save Up More Money
Flight Schools are getting good with their accounting. So, expect the course to cost you more. Usually, the quote for training is for minimum flight hours. Fact, Minimum is not average or typical. Most schools only quote the training costs.

They won’t inform you about additional costs including check ride exam fee, chart subscriptions, books, and resources. These things can cost you serious money. So be prepared for it.

Remember to take proper rest. If you get too hard on yourself, you will feel sluggish, and it will affect your performance. If you are not feeling your best, it will affect the quality of your training session. Therefore, take care of your rest.

Therefore, it’s important you don’t lose track of yourself. Relax, and collect yourself. Flying a helicopter is like balancing yourself while standing on a beach ball. There is a lot of going on, and Helicopters are a very responsive vehicle. You will be amazed to see how much a slight movement affects the flight.

So, remember to Relax, and stop fighting yourself. It will improve your performance dramatically.

6. The Chair Fly
This is something you will learn during your training. You will sit in a chair between lessons and mimic the motion and steps of flying a helicopter. Prepare a checklist and act out every part. You need to visualize yourself performing the task.

Chair Flying is an important part of Pilot Training. It helps you prepare for further lessons, and save money in the long run.

7. 2 Flight Lessons Every Week
The cost of flying a helicopter twice every week can cost you, but it helps to train more effectively and saves money in the long run. Don’t get rusty between lessons, and spend some time relearning. Wind, Weather, and Maintenance are two important side subjects that you should carry along.

If you even cancel one week, it will stall you. You should schedule multiple lessons every week and schedule weeks beforehand. This way, you won’t worry about aircraft or instructor’s availability.

8. Choose Quality over Quantity
You better keep your training frequent. Consistency is your key to success. This is one of the best life advices you will ever get. It’s important you focus on the quality of your sessions over the quality. If for some reason, you feel like the session is not going well, or you are unable to keep up for the rest of your day. It’s better if you call it to quit then to stall your way to the end of the session.

It will waste your time and money. You won’t learn effectively. You better communicate with your instructor and make sure he understands your position.

End Note
Learning to Fly (Despite Rotor or Fixed Wing) is fun, and there won’t be anything like your first flight. It will be exciting and challenging but will be worth the trouble. The tips mentioned above will help you prepare for your course and stick with your routine.

Once again, consistency is your key to success. You better take 2 two lessons every week even if your session is short.

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