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Everything you must know about renting an RV

In this guide, you will learn everything you need about renting an RV to ensure your next road trip is smooth and memorable.

Is road-tripping in your DNA? You can hike up your road trips and take them to a new level of adventure by hitting the open road in an RV (recreational vehicle). Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced RVer, RV rentals offer a flexible and exciting way to explore the vast outdoors.

Learn about the different RV types
Renting an RV is easier said than done. It requires research and due diligence because different RVs are suited to different kinds of adventure. These vehicles come in various sizes and shapes, catering to unique needs and preferences. The popular types are:

  • Class A: Spacious motorhomes resembling buses. Ideal for large groups and family holidays that include kids.
  • Class B: Compact, perfect for smaller groups.
  • Class C: This is the middle ground between Class A and B.
  • Travel trailers: These are towed by a vehicle and feature diverse floor plans.

Carefully choose the RV type and ensure it aligns with your group size, travel style, and comfort preferences. The stage for your adventure is set by the RV you choose.

If you need more information on the different types of RVs, don’t hesitate to ask the rental company. Request them to allow you to test drive the vehicle before making your final decision.

Plan your itinerary well in advance
Plan your itinerary before renting an RV. No, you don’t need to cross all your t’s and i’s but ensure you have a skeleton of a plan with ample room for impulsive decisions.

The most important things to include in your plan is the destination and your route.

You can consider the following:

  • Different campgrounds: Peak season or not, research all the campgrounds where you can park your RV. Remember to book them in advance. This will ensure you get a place to park your vehicle when you want to take a break from driving.
  • Calculate the travel distance: Compared to cars, RVs have a different pace. You can plan shorter driving distances when road-tripping in an RV so that you have enough time for sightseeing along the way. The plus is that RVs double as homes on wheels, so if there is a parking spot, you can park your vehicle in short intervals.
  • Sightseeing and attractions: Since renting an RV allows you to enjoy a flexible road trip, you must identify the different points of interest and scenic routes where you can stop and leisurely enjoy the view or engage in activities.

Budget your trip
Budgeting is an art form as it harmoniously blends experiences and costs. Renting an RV involves different costs:

When budgeting for your RV trip, take into consideration the RV rental expenses and also include costs for groceries, attractions or activities, and dining out.

Please note that RVs are known for being less fuel-efficient. So, carefully estimate the fuel costs based on your planned mileage. And if you are an impulsive planner and get carried away when you see the open road, you must keep some money aside for fuel.

Carefully go through the RV rental agreements
It is never a good idea to sign any agreement, let alone an RV rental agreement. If this is your first time, carefully read the agreement to comprehend the terms and conditions.

You must pay attention to the following things:

  • Mileage limitations: Some rental companies include a set number of miles per day with additional charges if you exceed the limit. If the mileage set per day is unacceptable, you can discuss it with the rental company and have them customize your rental agreement according to your travel preferences.
  • Security deposits: Thoroughly read the section about security deposits. Understand the requirements for the deposit and the conditions for its return.
  • Insurance: Check whether the agreement mentions insurance coverage. Typically, the rental company should offer you insurance. And you can consider additional coverage if the coverage provided isn’t enough. Discuss your options with the rental company.

Familiarize yourself with operating and driving an RV
Are you new to driving an RV? If this is your first time renting an RV, you need to familiarize yourself with:

The features of the RV include electricity, water, and waste disposal. Ask the rental company to give you a tutorial on all the vehicle’s functions so you feel safe in the middle of your adventure.

Get used to the driving dynamics of the RV by practicing in open areas. If you have never driven an RV before, getting used to the size may take some time. Also, you must practice parking the vehicle.

Besides these, you need to get accustomed to the campground rules and RV etiquette.

Please note that if this is your very first time renting and driving an RV, it is advised that you rent the vehicle one day in advance so that you can practice driving and parking the vehicle before hitting the road.

Packing essentials
RV adventures are truly one-of-a-kind, and they can be extremely smooth with no kinks if you pack wisely.

Since RVs are much more spacious than cars, you don’t have to be skimpy when packing your essentials. You can pack clothes for different outdoor activities and weather conditions and kitchen essentials like cookware, utensils, and non-perishable foods.

Check whether your RV rental agreement includes linens. If you still need to, pack linens, blankets, and towels.

RV adventures are incomplete with camping. So, consider packing outdoor gear like a portable grill, folding chairs, etc.

Prioritize maintenance and safety
Safety is non-negotiable throughout your journey. You must perform pre-trip checks on the vehicle’s brakes, tires, and other essential systems before hitting the road.

Remember to carry a first aid kit and other emergency supplies because you will be on the road long.
Also, ask the rental company the steps to contact roadside assistance if you find yourself in trouble in the middle of your journey.

So, no more waiting! Rent an RV and enjoy the freedom of the open road.