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Exotic places for your next holiday adventure

The planet Earth has many beautiful features that are worth exploring. If you have time and the funds, book the next flight and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and exotic places available worldwide. Traveling is the best thing one can do in their free time.

The white sandy beaches, whale sharks, tropical jungles, and other untouched areas make a fantastic place to visit. These are what we call exotic locations and are in the diary of every other traveler since they create an incredible, lifetime experience. There are hundreds, if not thousands of exotic places you can visit in the world. The list is endless, and it's for this reason that we have come up with eight of the best places you can include in your diary for the next holiday adventure. Here is the list.

1. Forest of Knives, Madagascar
Forest of Knives is one of the places you should plan to visit next. Despite having a frightening name, it’s one of the areas you cannot walk’ according to its local name, Tsingy. The place has magical formations that have lived longer than humans and got made naturally and are caused by environmental changes. The sharp rocks are due to water erosion caused by over 200 million years of tropical rainfall. The sharp rock edges are what made the place to be referred to as Tsingy. You can plan to go and hike at the Forest of Knives and experience this marvelous mother-nature formation.

2. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan
Like its name, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is found on Kyoto’s outskirts in Japan and comprises Bamboo wood. You will not be able to capture every detail in this forest due to its nature. According to, it’s better to visit this place by yourself if you don’t want to miss anything, as pictures aren’t enough. This towering bamboo forest is an exotic place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Besides the bamboo vegetation, it comprises shrines and monkeys, which will add advantage to your visit. Plan a visit to this place and enjoy the ‘other-word’ experience.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, found in Croatia, is an excellent exotic destination harboring the Adriatic Sea. The place comprises an old town, which is referred to as Pearl of the Adriatic. This ancient town is famous because it once hosted one of the world’s richest and powerful states. Currently, it just acts as a museum. If you are a person who loves history and wants to visit those ancient towns, Dubrovnik is the place to go. What can you discover in this place? You can find baroque churches and marble streets filled with trendy bars, restaurants, and quaint cafes. The area is also full of incredible architecture and cultural history, all of which are housed under one wall. The sailing trip is also present. 

4. Cappadocia, Turkey
The Cappadocia region in Turkey is a magical place in its ways. The area came up due to volcanic eruptions that resulted in rock formations and caves that created beautiful, exotic scenery. Being a geological sight, this place is suitable for anyone who studies rocks and has an interest in geographical formations. 

It is one of the must-see sites and also an exotic vacation spot that you don’t want to miss visiting at least once in your lifetime. To see this place and enjoy its scenery, you have to pass through Turkey, and if you are planning to spend several days there, you can book hotels in town as you make your visit to the place during the day. It is one of the magical moonscapes you can ever visit in the world.

5. Taha’a, French Polynesia
Do you need an exotic place that’s full of vegetation and harbors the sea? Taha’a in French Polynesia is a perfect place to visit. Mother Nature has created an island in this place full of greenery, including watermelon, Banana, and coconuts. The place smells like vanilla. Its natural valleys provide a natural greenhouse temperature for Tahitian vanilla orchids, which are popular in Taha’a. When you visit, you will find a lot to do, including hiking. The natural vegetation, valleys, and hills provide varieties of plants and animals on this island. There are bungalows on the island if you wish to enjoy the natural breath and the smell of vanilla all night.

6. Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island destination is hundreds of miles from the offshore of Chile. It is an exotic destination, which you should include in the list for your next vacation, just like other travelers. Despite being only 63 square miles, this place has a lot to see and explore. Some of the fantastic features include beaches, volcanoes, wild horses, and the ‘Easter Island Heads,’ which you have heard about. These heads are Moai statues that have remained a misery to archaeologists and explorers for quite a long time.

7. Bagan, Burma
In Bagan, Burma, you will find temples built between 1057 and 1287 by Bagan’s Kings. It is one of the fantastic destinations you need to visit before your end time on this earth. Over 2,000 Buddhist monuments lie on the green plains and are arranged in an incredible way one can ever imagine. If you love archaeological designs and the likes, you don’t have to miss visiting this place since it will give you an experience of a lifetime.

8. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is an exotic place worth visiting. The lake is locked between two volcanoes in the Guatemalan highlands in the Sierra Madre mountain range. If you prefer places that give you peace and tranquility, this is a fantastic place worth the experience. Some of the activities you can enjoy in this place include Yoga, kayaking, hiking, and lots of sceneries you can explore. The mountains also will provide you with a view you wouldn’t wish to forget in your lifetime. It’s a place that will leave you spoilt for choices.

You can plan to visit other places on other vacations, including Sossusvlei in Namibia, El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico, Machu Picchu in Peru, and many more. The list is endless. You can’t exhaust the list even after getting another lifetime. The planet Earth has many beautiful features that are worth exploring. If you have time and the funds, book the next flight and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and exotic places available worldwide. Traveling is the best thing one can do in their free time.