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France boat rental: Best places in the French Riviera

Learn about the best places to visit on the french riviera on a boat holiday, from Marseille and Toulon all the way to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

From Marseille and Toulon all the way to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, learn about the best places you can visit on the French Riviera if you rent a boat in France.

Situated on the southeastern side of France, the French Riviera welcomes millions of tourists each year that are looking to enjoy a Mediterranean coast holiday. Packed with stunning resort locations like Marseille and small fishing towns like Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the French Riviera is home to a handful of attractions, including stunning beaches and coves that are known worldwide.

Undoubtedly, the best way to get around this coast is on a boat. That way, you can fully take advantage of the romantic environment that surrounds this area. So, rent a boat with Nautal, a leading platform where you can rent a catamaran, motorboat, or sailboat for the time you like and sail on an unforgettable journey.

Best places on the French Riviera to visit by boat

Stroll around Marseille
The first place you need to visit on your boat rental in France is Marseille. It’s one of the most important port cities on this side of France and dates back to 600 b.c, which means you will find interesting buildings everywhere.

The Vieux-Port, or Old Port of Marseille, is a unique experience, you’ll spot an endless row of boats and yachts, and the view of the city buildings will leave you speechless. Also, it’s home to the Fort Saint-Jean. Make sure to visit it. Not only that, there are a ton of bars and restaurants around the port to try local food and drinks.

Next, head to Plage des Catalans, one of the nearest beaches to the city. It’s usually crowded, but it has some charm to it. The water is super calm and blue, and the sand is yellow, making it the perfect setting for a beach day.

After leaving the city, a must-visit attraction that can be visited by boat is the Massif des Calanques, an imposing large body of water that’s enclosed by huge cliffs. It’s a national park with unique rock formations and interesting caves. You can walk up to check the breathtaking views of the sea.

Visit Toulon
A great addition to anyone’s bucket list is Toulon, another coastal city that has unique attractions and charms. On its port, you’ll be able to check out some warships and submarines, as well as your typical yachts and ferries.

Make sure to visit the Grand Musée National de la Marine. It’s situated right there in the Port and is packed with interesting artifacts, a great way to learn about the marine.

The city landscapes are packed with rugged limestone mountains, and there’s a cable car that takes you up to Mont Faron. On your way to the top of the mountain, find Fort de la Croix Faron and Fort Faron, both offer incredible views of the city.

Visit a small town
Another great addition is a visit to one of the many small fishing villages and towns that are often overlooked. On your boat rental in France, head to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. It’s located passing Cannes, right next to Nice.

Here you’ll find imposing buildings with amazing architecture and many other attractions, like the Chapel of Saint-Hospice a church that was built in the 11th century and is labeled as a historic monument.

Make sure to visit one of its many beaches, they are top tier, and a must-visit is the lighthouse and the semaphore tower.