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Hotel room essentials to look for when traveling

Here are some of the top hotel room essentials to look for when traveling for work or personal reasons.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you have a lot of choices when it comes to lodging. The hotel room you choose can make a big difference in your comfort, well-being, productivity and satisfaction while away from home. Here are some of the top hotel room essentials to look for when traveling for work or personal reasons.

Comfortable mattress
Whether you've traveled by plane, train, automobile, bus or boat, chances are good that your body is sore and achy. One of the top things to look for in an ideal hotel room is a comfortable bed. If possible, choose a hotel room that has adjustable beds and the best mattresses available. You can customize them to your comfort needs. Select the largest mattress that suits your sleeping style. If you're traveling with a partner, a king or California king bed is a wise choice.

Luxurious bedding
In addition to a comfortable mattress, take a look at the bedding offered by hotels. Luxurious bedding, such as sheets with a high thread count, feels gentle on your skin. Look at the materials the linens are made of. If you get hot while sleeping, bamboo sheets are an excellent option. If you tend to be cold while sleeping, cotton jersey, flannel or microfiber linens optimize your comfort. Also consider the type and material of the pillows. If you're allergic to down feather, latex or rubber, be sure to request a different type of pillow.

Complementary extras
Many hotels offer enjoyable amenities, such as a complementary snack and beverage bar, coffee maker and tea in your room. You may also prefer a hotel room with an iron and ironing board and hair dryer for convenience. Most hotels also provide travel-size toiletries, including hand and face soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

The most luxurious hotels offer upscale in-room extras, including workout gear, an in-room movie library, body pillows and fresh flowers. You may also find different types of extras from day to day, such as freshly-baked cookies and pies or fresh flower petals for your bath. If you forgot to pack something, most hotels will provide you with full-size toiletries, such as a toothbrush or razor.

In today's high-tech age, fast and free Wi-Fi is a must for your hotel room. Almost all travelers bring along their smartphone. If you're traveling for work, you may need a fast Wi-Fi connection for finishing reports and connecting to your servers.

If you use cloud-based apps on your phone or laptop, you'll need a fast and dependable connection. Free Wi-Fi is also helpful if you'll be doing video calls with friends or family while traveling. You may want to verify that your room will have a charging dock for your devices.

Extra towels
Extra towels are also a nice thing to have in your hotel room while traveling. You might want to shower in the morning after a workout and in the evening at the end of a busy day. Having extra towels in your room means that you won't have to dry off with a damp towel or make a call to housekeeping. Some of the top hotels offer plush towels and soft bathrobes that allow you to pamper your skin.

Wherever you travel, ensure you do some research on your hotel to ensure it is in the right location, and has the essentials you need. Look for additional luxuries to make your stay even more memorable and enjoyable.