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How to have an amazing Ibiza summer

To think Ibiza is reserved only for party mongers with nothing else to do or experience is far from the truth. You can enjoy Ibiza while working or simply bonding with family and friends at a much slower and serene pace. The choice is yours!

The Spanish island Ibiza is a place to go in search of the nights and days filled with music, beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, and activities in the company of international artists and music lovers. 

Although it's most famous for its nightlife and some of the world's best parties and music events held there, Ibiza offers much more. You can even combine work and pleasure on the island. One website worth checking out for job offerings while on Ibiza vacation is

To make the most of your time in Ibiza and to have a summer you will remember, make sure to: 

1. Party and attend events 
Even if you are not into partying, it would be a shame to miss something that is such a big part of Ibiza's cultural identity. If you want to go big by attending some of Ibiza's biggest parties and events, then plan your visit to Ibiza in time for:  

  • Feria Ibiza Medieval 

In the second week of May, from Thursday to Sunday, it's one of the most awaited events on the island when the walled enclosure of Ibiza's old town and its visitors go back to medieval ages. Expect to be entertained by magicians, puppeteers, jugglers, and jesters while exploring the offer of many craft markets and food stalls. 

  • Ibiza Gay Pride 

Nothing screams light, color, and love like the Ibiza Gay Pride, which takes place in mid-June. It's an event organized by the Ibiza citizens gathered around the Ibiza LGBTQ association to help the LGTBQ community gain more visibility and affirmation of their rights.   

  • DJ Awards 

DJ Awards, also known as DJ Oscars, take place at the end of the summer season. They recognize and shine a light on DJs, other musicians, and individuals who have impacted the electronic dance music scene worldwide. Since 1998, the event takes place every year in a well-known Ibiza venue.   

  • Ibiza closing parties 

Signaling the end of the clubbing season and winter when most of the clubs shut down, Ibiza Closing Parties occur at the end of September and into the first two weeks of October. It's safe to say how clubs close with a big bang leaving the crowd to wait for the next summer and a new round of unforgettable parties with much anticipation. 

2. Work while enjoying the holidays 
Summer jobs abroad are a great way to fund your time away from home; to travel and immerse yourself deeper into new cultures; to meet new friends – all while earning money. Check the list below to see what summer jobs are available to help you fund your stay and activities in Ibiza, and even to put something aside: 

  • Hotel Jobs 
  • Staff Jobs In Bars, Discos, And Clubs 
  • Public Relations  
  • Ticket Selling
  • Sports Jobs At The Beach 
  • Dancer And Performer Jobs 

3. Explore Ibiza Old Town Dalt Vila 
You will not want to miss walking the squares and cobbled lanes of a UNESCO World Heritage site located on a little mountain by the sea – Ibiza's old town Dalt Villa also known as the Upper town. It offers fantastic photo opportunities that seem to lurk from everywhere. 

Dalt Villa's principal landmarks are: 

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Eivissa
  • Central Square Plaza de Vila 
  • Portal de ses Taules, the main entrance to the town with a drawbridge 
  • Bastion of Santa Lucia 
  • Portal Nou, the entrance at the eastern end of Dalt Vila 

Portal Nou leads to a world-class contemporary art museum. The square in front of the cathedral hides the Archaeological Museum that houses artifacts from the Phoenician and Carthaginian eras found in Ibiza's necropolis of Puig des Molins.

Yes, there are things to do in Ibiza other than just party

4. Go beach hopping and get active 
No visit to Ibiza is complete without taking the time to soak up the sun and rest on one of its many beaches, finding refreshment in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most popular and some of the less known beaches in Ibiza are:  

  • Central San Antonio beach, which is San Antonio's resort with opportunities to engage in watercraft activities such as pedalos, sailing, jet-ski, waterski, boat trips, and more; 
  • Cala Bassa. which is known as the beach with soft golden sand with the most transparent seawater, you can find on the southwest of Ibiza;   
  • Benirras, on the northwest, which is branded as a hippy hangout, well-known for its spectacular sunsets and iconic Sunday drum sessions, especially popular with families and animal lovers, and 
  • Cala Den Sera, which is enclosed by stunning high cliffs on the northeast. It's a beach to go for in the search for tranquility and clear, calm waters to snorkel in.  

It is best to create your own Ibiza beach hopping itinerary or book a private beach hopping tour depending on what you're precisely looking for and expecting from a perfect day at the beach. Most certainly, you can find it in Ibiza. 

When in search of a complete change of scenery and outdoor activities, trek and hike to:  

  • Islands Es Vedrà and its satellite Es Vedranell, situated off the Ibiza's south-western seaboard, belonging to Cala d'Hort Nature Reserve and 
  • Ses Salinas Nature Reserve Park, with the salt lakes and mountains to climb. 

5. Visit Ibiza's craft markets  
Another testament to Ibiza's deep connection and roots in hippy culture and the 60's era is its craft markets. To enjoy the creative world of the island's unique world of handmade products, don't miss to visit:  

  • Sant Joan Craft Market, a market with products produced locally and globally all year round;   
  • Las Dalias, a hippy market known for its relaxed summer night vibes, started on Valentine's Day in 1985 with five stalls, boasting more than 200 today, and  
  • Family-friendly Hippy Market Punta Arabí, one of Ibiza's first summer markets taking place in pine trees' shades where you can buy clothing, jewelry, and artifacts.   

Make Ibiza yours 
Artisans, together with nature, arts, and craft lovers, have been gathering in Ibiza's beautiful, natural setting for a very long time already and continue to do so. To think Ibiza is reserved only for party mongers with nothing else to do or experience is far from the truth. You can enjoy Ibiza while working or simply bonding with family and friends at a much slower and serene pace. The choice is yours!

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