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How to start an online course business while traveling the world

Once these steps have been followed, then launching a successful online course business is guaranteed.

For most people, establishing a successful online business while traveling the world seems like a faraway dream. We have seen the growing number of an online course creator. The uncertainty of leaving your corporate life and venturing into what you are truly passionate about is too scary. However, while this nomadic lifestyle can be challenging, the frustrations and monotony of sitting in an office your entire day are far worse. Living a fulfilling and meaningful life entails understanding what works and what does not work for you.

Why start online course businesses
One of the most promising eCommerce businesses is selling online courses. There has been an upward surge in the demand for online education. Teachers and students alike have grown appetite in purchasing online courses, both in and beyond the traditional education system, in a bid to acquire new knowledge and skills.

It is therefore not surprising that by responding to this demand, entrepreneurs and online course creators have started to enjoy the benefits of creating and sharing their experiences in different fields of expertise.

It must, however, be understood that creating an online course is just one step of building your online business. There are many great online courses but that does not necessarily mean that the creators are reaping huge returns from them. Growing your sales and student enrolment for your online course takes a lot of work. The success does not come overnight. Every successful online course creator will admit to telling you that it is all about strategies. In this guide, we have compiled steps you can take to start a successful online business course while traveling the world.

Step 1: Identifying your niche
The first preparation in building your online course business is identifying the content you would like to teach. You must only venture into the areas that you are competent enough and confident that you have enough experience to share with others. However, for you to be considered an expert, you only have to be knowledgeable enough then the person you are teaching. That’s all!

To be able to find out what you are really good at, the following points will guide you.

● Choosing your course topic. This should be a field where you are most competent in. It is a combination of your passion and interests, skills you have acquired over time, and the experience or achievements in that particular interest.
● Identifying your target market. Once you have identified a topic that you are confident in, the next step is to look for a specific niche market. Your audience will be the consumers of your content. Whatever you will decide to focus on, it will not appeal to everyone. Neither should you make the mistake of trying to create an online course that will be appealing to everyone! When targeting your audience, try and be as specific as possible.

Step 2: Invest in market research
This is an important step that should never be ignored. While you are traveling the world, make sure to develop a schedule where you dedicate your time to do market research for your online course before you start investing a lot of time and resources to develop a course that has no demand. You can do market validation by doing extensive research on your competitors. A complete absence of competitors could translate that there is probably no demand for your course or that there is demand, but no one is serving that market. The best way to find out if your course has demanded is by the use of Google keyword planner. This is a platform that will show you the number of people who have searched that particular topic over a period of one month. The bigger the search volume, the bigger the demand.

Step 3: Create a unique brand
Once you have identified your topic and your targeted audience, the next step is creating an authentic brand for your business. Creating your brand goes beyond designing a logo, websites, or even business cards. Positioning your brand in your respective industry is the key move. You must work to create a compelling brand that will position you as a go-to expert in your field.

The most after brand are those which understand what they are, the values they stand for, know their marketplace, and have positioned themselves strategically. You can differentiate your business from your competitors by creating a unique value proposition.

Step 4: building your audience
When all the above have been taken care of, then it’s time to embark on building the targeted audience. The most effective way of building the audience is through the following media:
● Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
● Content marketing. This entails publishing free online content for your audience. These may include podcasts, infographics, and articles. This will help in boosting regular traffic to your website.
● Publicity and PR. This includes using media such as newspapers, TVs, and radios.

Once these steps have been followed, then launching a successful online course business is guaranteed. The main focus is to be able to build your business around your lifestyle, and not the other way round. As an online course creator, you to spend quality time doing what you love: traveling and exploring.

Image by Matthias Zeitler from Pixabay