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How to upgrade your farm equipment: Very useful tips

Farmers are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency, and that includes switching out old equipment for newer models. Of course, not all equipment is created equal – some of it might be more expensive than others, but what really matters is how well the machine will work in your field.

Equipment and farmers are inseparable. From simple farm tools to modern equipment, the farmer requires them for their everyday work. However, the truth is they get damaged and need replacement. What happens to their workflow after then?

Well, farmers need proper maintenance and upgrading carried out on their farm machinery. At the same time, farm machinery is seldom cheap, and when it breaks down, is often just as expensive to repair. When the damage ultimately happens, it can affect your productivity and income as it would be quite difficult to bring in that harvest on time or at all.  

Farmers are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency, and that includes switching out old equipment for newer models. Of course, not all equipment is created equal – some of it might be more expensive than others, but what really matters is how well the machine will work in your field. And farmers need the proper equipment to be productive. If you're a farmer and you're wondering how you can upgrade your farm equipment, grab a cup of coffee as you keep reading.

Here are some tips on upgrading farm equipment:

Improve your equipment
It is one of the best ways to upgrade your farm machinery. This method is quite effective and will not cost you a lot of money, just some time and effort. Improving can be done by rust removal and painting or better replacement for certain components. Sometimes, this process may also involve lubrication and polishing. Remember, the better it looks the more efficient it will be.

Replace your trailers, tractors, and augers
Perhaps, one of the best ways to upgrade farm equipment and also cut down your expenses is by investing in new trailers and augers. Trailers and augers account for major costs as they are used mostly when harvesting or transporting crops from fields to storage facilities. Replacing them with better ones from tractor suppliers will not only save you time but will also reduce labor costs as there's no need for additional workers to help you load and unload anymore because the labor-intensive process is now done entirely by machine. An added bonus would be that these machines can work 24 hours a day which means that you can maximize your productivity.

Upgrade to newer models
This can be quite expensive, but sometimes you might find a good deal which may work well for your pocket. The best thing about this method is its capability to allow you to maximize your farm productivity by working with high-end equipment. You can even make some money by selling your old models. Nevertheless, this kind of upgrade should not be rushed as new models are often introduced every year and sometimes certain features are changed too.

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

Fix new engine and servicing
This method is the best way to upgrade farm equipment and it gives you a very clear idea of how much money can be saved. It is an expensive option but it's worth every penny. However, this process requires a lot of expertise, and professional work must be undertaken by a reliable mechanic.

Finding out whether your machinery could do with some general servicing or not. In case you have been using your machinery for quite some time now, then maybe it's the right time to take them in for general servicing which usually involves lubrication and greasing, changing filters and belts along with checking up on other components so that they don't wear out faster than usual. Replacing worn parts can cut down your expenses dramatically, but make sure you get it done by a qualified mechanic.

Upgrade AC electric motors and AC generators
Another way is to switch your AC electric motors for better ones along with upgrading your AC generators. This may incur an additional cost on your part but it will be worth the expense in the long run as you'll have more energy-efficient equipment that will be able to produce the same amount of power while using less electricity. You can even opt for a complete solar panel setup so you won't need to rely on electricity at all.

Switching to new technology and upgrade new machines
This method involves getting rid of old farm equipment in favor of new technology especially when they are compatible with newer equipment or can work with them efficiently. The best example is combining GPS technology which offers high precision along with automated steering ability to work on tractors for physically demanding jobs. This method saves labor costs and time as well.

This method would give you better and newer output with minimum effort. Modern machines are built with technology that can easily handle any task including planting potatoes or harvesting wheat without difficulties. Replacing old farm machinery with modern equipment will definitely help boost productivity. Do some research online about new models of machinery before visiting your local dealer to see which one would be best for your farm.

Always make sure to utilize your old farm equipment before replacing them
Before actually upgrading farm equipment, be sure to use all of your old ones first. Depending on how frequently you use them, you might just need to replace some parts instead of buying entirely brand new machines to save money for other important expenditures. 

It is also wise to sell off certain components that are still in good condition but can't be put back into service. You can even consider selling the whole piece if there's a market out there that may want second-hand machinery. If not, you can simply dismantle it and sell off the scraps which will help you recuperate at least part of the cost spent on the purchase.

Experience matters
You will need to know how an upgraded machine is working in order to upgrade your farm equipment, especially when it comes to older models of machinery which you use for difficult tasks like weeding or harvesting. When you feel more experienced, you will be able to choose the right equipment and make a better decision on what works best for your field and what doesn't.

In summary, upgrading farm equipment is a good way to save money and also boost productivity at the same time thanks to modern technology and more efficient machines. It can be a costly option but it will definitely pay off in the long run as you'll be able to produce greater amounts of yield with minimal effort put into farming.

Main photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels