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Is Las Vegas returning to normal after pandemic?

The city of Las Vegas was one of the first to allow supporters to return to venues within the area, as they encouraged fans to come back and follow their teams.

Known by some as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and the “City That Never Sleeps” (along with New York City), Las Vegas appears to have been able to move on swiftly from the harsh impact that the pandemic had caused just a year or so ago.

Indeed, much of the world felt the impact that the virus that had been spreading around the world had registered, with whole countries shutting down as the planet had essentially seen time stop as life become akin to something that would have only ever been seen in a Hollywood blockbuster film or as something only the imaginative would have ever been able to create.

Nonetheless, whilst the effects are continued to be felt in a variety of different ways, Las Vegas does not appear to be resting on its laurels, as the Nevada city has returned to its normal ways post-pandemic and is, perhaps, showing the rest of the world how to resume to how things once were.

Las Vegas one of the cities to first re-open
One of the very first cities to re-open, Las Vegas started to try and bring some normality to the world at the end of March 2021, as they welcomed visitors back to the area. Although there were a number of restrictions in place at the time – such as 50% operating capacities in places like casinos – visitor numbers had started to climb once again. According to data, April 2021 had shown that just over 2.5 million people had visited Sin City: up from 106,900 from the year before. July 2021 saw the figure climb to just under 3 million, highlighting how well the region was starting to recover.

Indeed, online gambling had soared during the pandemic and with a number of new casino games at Casumo available to play, it could be argued that many had missed the physical casino establishments and wanted to experience the Las Vegas Strip for themselves once again. Research and data have shown that the strip had taken their highest level of gambling takings in the months of April and June 2021 since 2006. It is even more impressive when you consider that international visitors were still not allowed to visit the United States of America in that period.

Sporting events returned for fans
Sports fans will feel that they were impacted massively during the pandemic as they were unable to go to games and watch their favourite sports teams and professionals within the stands of stadiums up and down the country. That’s when events were even allowed to take place as many had to be postponed or cancelled because of the virus.

However, the city of Las Vegas was one of the first to allow supporters to return to venues within the area, as they encouraged fans to come back and follow their teams. For instance, ice hockey fans were able to go and watch the Vegas Golden Knights, whilst American Football fans are watching the Las Vegas Raiders at the Allegiant Stadium currently in their thousands.