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Moving from Chicago to Atlanta: Best route to choose

When discussing your relocation from Chicago to Atlanta, you might decide that the sooner you get to the city of your dreams, the better it will be.

There are several ways by which you can get from Chicago to Atlanta. Therefore, we dare to presume that fans of road trips will appreciate the choice. The longest route is more than 750 miles. By car you can drive it in about 11 hours. However, along the way, you will have to make a few stops in any case which means time for some exploration and adventure.

Firstly, we have the city of Champaign while you are still in Illinois. Here you can enjoy breakfast or lunch (depending on how early you left Chicago) in one of the many cafes or restaurants in the city or even in a small park, of which there are about 60! If you like the creativity of Bob Dylan then don't forget to add his song "Champaign, Illinois" to your playlist in advance. This will be a nice addition to the trip and it will give you an opportunity to compare your impressions of the city with the great musician’s impressions.

Another town along the Chicago to Atlanta route, where you can make a stop, is Paducah, which is the state of Kentucky. In 1996’s this small town became famous thanks to some amazing artists. The Paducah Wall to Wall Mural program was created where artists could share their vision and highlight numerous subjects including American and Paducah history, Labor unions and African-American history. And in which museum or art gallery can you see them? In none of them. They are in the open air, displayed on the panels of the dam which protects the city from the river flooding.

And lastly, no trip would be complete without a detour to the Tennessee state capital of Nashville. Not only is this fabulous city the state capital but it was also recognized as the capital of country music, which is definitely reflected in its nightlife. A sight you really won't want to miss. This is also a great place to get acquainted with this style and its sub-genres, such as "alterna-country" in which you might just find a new musical love.

Another direction choice when moving from Chicago to Atlanta means a slightly extended trip which takes a little more than 10 hours according to information of, and includes a journey of almost 720 miles. But you have the power to do as many stops on this route as you require, because it is rich with the most interesting and largest cities, where you can spend a few good and fun hours or even several days. The choice is yours to make.

The first recommended stop should be the capital and the most populated city in the state of Indiana – Indianapolis. This city is full of historical places, monuments and attractions. Take a moment to enjoy and drink in the atmosphere of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument dedicated to the veterans of the American Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, the Mexican-American War and the Spanish-American War. This building, standing at 86.72 m tall, is only four point six meters lower than the Statue of Liberty in New York. At the top of the monument is an observation deck, which can be reached by elevator or stairs. Under the monument houses the Civil War Museum. By the way, if you're driving through the city just before Christmas, you'll be lucky enough to see the Soldiers and Sailors Monument dressed up like a huge Christmas tree. Truly a sight not to be missed.

If you are traveling with children, they will appreciate a trip to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis – the world's largest children's museum. It takes up a staggering 5 floors with more than one million annual visitors. Its collection includes over 120 000 exhibits. There is a carousel, dinosaurs and a locomotive. The building is decorated with glass fireworks. The pride of the museum's collection however, is the 50,000 toys which make up the displays. On second thought, maybe it is not necessary to take children in there … there is a risk that they will want to see everything in the museum and your arrival in Atlanta will have to be postponed for a week or even two.

The next stop on your move from Chicago to Atlanta could be Louisville – the largest city in the US state of Kentucky according to The number of places that you can visit here is as vast as Indianapolis but if you just want to walk down a quiet alley, or to sit in the shade of a tree to gather strength before continuing your journey, we recommend that you look into one of the city's 122 parks.

A little further down the road is of course Nashville with all its musical history waiting for you and a reminder that you are almost at the finish line on your way to Atlanta.

When discussing your relocation from Chicago to Atlanta, you might decide that the sooner you get to the city of your dreams, the better it will be. If this is the case and you are planning to take your car then there is a third route that was just made for you. It is much shorter than the above two ways and is approximately 687 miles long. As far as traffic is concerned there is only one major city in the way and that is Nashville. It means you do not have to go around huge settlements in order to avoid traffic jams and traffic lights and yet you will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of the American countryside from the windows of your car.