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Grupo Xcaret names Chef Carlos Hannon as new Culinary Director for Hoteles Xcaret

Carlos Hannon
Carlos Hannon

Throughout his career, Chef Carlos Hannon has played integral roles in overseeing, planning, and developing menus for over 10 companies within the sector.

XCARET, RIVIERA MAYA – Grupo Xcaret welcomes Mexican Chef Carlos Hannon as the new Culinary Director for Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and La Casa de la Playa. In this new role, Chef Hannon will spearhead initiatives aimed at offering elevated world-class gastronomic experiences that showcase Mexico’s rich culinary heritage with the destination’s commitment to sustainability.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the hotel and restaurant industry, Carlos Hannon has made a lasting impact on the national and international gastronomic scene. His expertise has traversed borders, with notable contributions made in Mexico, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Hannon’s dedication to culinary excellence and his ability to blend traditional techniques with contemporary flavors have earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. Among his notable achievements are:

  • Best Chef of the Year Award by the International Academy of Gastronomy
  • Recognition for his contribution to Latin American cuisine at the International Gourmet Festival
  • Special mention in the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants

“I am dedicated to showcasing the legacy of innovation within Mexican cuisine to future generations. Joining a project like Xcaret, synonymous with evolution, respect, and pride for our roots and culture, fills me with excitement. It feels like returning home and reuniting with family,” said Carlos Hannon, Culinary Director of Hoteles Xcaret. He emphasized that his key objective in leading this team is to continue to enhance the unique Mexican gastronomy onsite, further solidifying Xcaret’s positioning as a premier culinary destination in Mexico.

Chef Carlos Hannon brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants across the globe, including those honored with Michelin stars. His commitment to preserving Mexican culinary culture, promoting local traditions, and elevating world-class talent positions him as the perfect candidate to lead the Gastronomic Directorate of Hoteles Xcaret.

Hannon’s childhood dream of traveling the world was realized when he assumed the role of Culinary Director for a network of 65 restaurants worldwide. This experience significantly influenced his philosophy towards food and managing a team, emphasizing principles centered on respecting the product, leveraging one’s cultural background when innovating new dishes, and championing sustainability by utilizing the whole product and avoiding food waste.

When visiting Xcaret, he recommends that guests take the opportunity to try lesser-known traditional dishes such as chicatana, revered as an ant caviar, and boquinete, a fish that is only found in the Mexican Caribbean. Additionally, guests are invited to indulge in an extensive selection of local mezcal offerings while not overlooking the amazing Mexican wines curated exclusively for the Xcaret properties, the majority of which can’t be found outside of Mexico.

The properties feature Michelin-starred celebrity chefs, catering to a diverse array of travelers’ tastes and preferences. From authentic Mexican cuisine to delectable vegan dishes, intricate 7-course menus, and top-level mixology, Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and La Casa de la Playa collectively feature 25 restaurants celebrating the richness of Mexican gastronomy led by celebrity chefs who comprise Xcaret’s Culinary Collective.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico features 11 fine dining restaurants, setting the stage as the inaugural hotel to host a restaurant curated by Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican chef to achieve a coveted Michelin star, named Ha’.

On the other hand, Hotel Xcaret Arte offers 10 different options with international cuisine. Among these offerings is Xaak, featuring a tasting menu meticulously curated by chefs of the Culinary Collective: Roberto Solís, Paco Méndez, Jonatan Gómez Luna, and Alejandro Ruiz.

La Casa de la Playa presents a culinary experience led by exclusive chefs of international acclaim. Among them are Virgilio Martínez, the world’s best chef according to The World’s 50 Best, who presents Estero restaurant. Additionally, the Rivera-Rio brothers delight guests with Lumbre and Centli restaurants, while Martha Ortiz showcases her culinary artistry at Tuch de Luna restaurant.

Xcaret promises a culinary journey that celebrates the flavors of Mexican cuisine, declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO while embracing global influences to deliver a memorable sensory experience. Renowned for its impeccable service and unparalleled quality, Xcaret’s gastronomy has garnered widespread acclaim.

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