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Seven essential things to know when moving out

 In this article, our team of San Francisco local movers will give you helpful tips to guide you.

If you check this article, then you are preparing to move out and are full of questions. Venturing into the world on your own for the first time is an unsettling experience for many. But it is an essential step in the process of growing up, becoming independent and making your own choices in life.

As the moment draws nearer, you should consider the practical things you need to do. In this article, our team of San Francisco local movers will give you helpful tips to guide you. Even if you are moving into a college dorm, you still need to plan everything carefully.

First step: Find a professional California moving company
Moving out is not a simple process. You probably want to take a lot of things with you: your clothes, your laptop, your gaming console, books, video games, etc. At the beginning you may believe that you can simply fill up the trunk of your car.

But, in our experience as short and long distance movers in San Francisco, the average young person needs at least a van to load all their belongings. Experienced movers can estimate the total volume of your items quickly, give you an accurate estimate and then select the right vehicle size for your moving out.

The essential tips for moving out stress-free
Once you have secured a team of professional movers to help you relocate, here are the essential aspects you must keep in mind:

1. Cancel or transfer subscriptions
Many young people subscribe to lifestyle, sports or college life magazines, to help them get ready for the new phase in their life. Since you probably activated direct debit to pay for your subscriptions, you are not aware of this monthly expense after a while.

Before moving out, look over all your subscriptions and decide what you want to do: cancel them or keep them. In the second case, you will need to update the delivery address.

2. Make a list of your belongings
Moving out can be quite hectic. You may want to take some things with you, but when you start unpacking, you realize they were left behind. Moving companies have a manifest for every job they undertake, and this helps us stay organized and make sure we deliver all the boxes at the right address and on time,

You should also create a checklist with everything you want to take with you. As soon as you place an item in the box, tick it off. When you arrive at your new home, make a second verification using the same list. Thus, you will know for sure that you’ve brought everything you need.

3. When in doubt, ask the California moving company to help with packing
Many young people move out with several appliances and electronics of their own, especially a TV set and a computer. These items require special protective packaging and careful handling.

San Francisco local movers can help you pack sensitive and valuable items. They will bring adequate packaging materials and will ensure that these items are transported according to the producer’s instructions.

4. Know your new home before you move out
You should take the time to explore your new home and decide how you will use every bit of space. Decide where you want to arrange every item of furniture or electronics and then specify the exact place on the boxes.

Professional movers follow their clients’ instructions to the letter. It will be simpler for you to unpack and arrange your items if the box is exactly where you want the items to be located.

5. Inform HOA manager of your impending move
If you are moving into a college dorm or an apartment complex with controlled access, the HOA manager needs to know all the details: the date and hour, the name of the San Francisco moving company, the size of the vehicle, etc.

Depending on CC&Rs, you may be given clear instructions, such as the time of the day when moving in is permitted. Make sure that you communicate all these details to the team of movers in order to avoid delays.

6. Get everything ready for the moving out day
Make one final check the night before you move out, especially:
Whether the boxes are properly secured and labeled
Whether the moving team has clear access to remove your belongings
Whether you have everything you need.

After this, you can rest assured that the moving out will run smoothly and free of any unpleasant surprises. Local moving companies have experience in all types of moves and know exactly what they have to do to ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home on time and in good condition.

7. Delayed move? Contact the moving company to rent storage space
In some cases, various circumstances prevent you from moving into the new home on the agreed date. If you still need to vacate the previous residence, you can find affordable storage units for rent. A professional moving company will ensure that your belongings are safe and will be delivered to the new home as soon as you can move into it.

Moving out is one of the first big decisions you make on your own. It is your first taste of freedom and responsibility as a young adult. Hiring the right moving company in San Francisco will make this process simple and stress-free, so contact us!

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