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The best gadgets for the traveler

To have a safe and exciting vacation, you should take modern gadgets when you go camping. Devices no winter adventure can do without – this smartphone, quadcopter, action camera.

A compact action camera or an ordinary camera will help to bring pleasant emotions and memories from the trip in the form of photos or videos, and the pre-purchased modern gadgets will allow you to prepare for all possible adventures and protect yourself from a variety of risk factors. So what kind of devices are they claiming to be indispensable companions of the modern traveler?

Of course, you can capture the beauty of an unfamiliar city or country with a cell phone. In addition, the phone can be helpful for leisure activities on the plane, for example, to play live baccarat. Fortunately, the characteristics of cameras allow you to create content that is practically as good as the one made with professional equipment. However, battery power consumption and smartphone memory to shoot photos and video is not the most rational decision.

It is better to leave the phone for its main functional tasks, or more precisely, for communication. For photography and video recording, it is better to use a camera. According to Cam Specialist, the best option for tourists is an inexpensive action camera that allows continuous shooting from the first person.

We will tell you what gadgets you can not do without while traveling.

Modern travel gadgets – which of them will be helpful?
To have a safe and exciting vacation, you should take modern gadgets when you go camping. Devices no winter adventure can do without – this smartphone, quadcopter, action camera. And what else can and should you have in your backpack?

So that your camera or camera can be used to take a lot of high-quality photos and videos without obstacles, it’s a good idea to find room in your suitcase for an external hard drive or memory card. These gadgets will help you once and for all forget about the need to delete old photos and clips to free up the built-in storage.

The versatile high-capacity charger allows you to stay in touch even in places where you can’t charge your phone the traditional way. Moreover, the powerful external battery can charge your phone and overhead wireless headphones, smart wristwatch or fitness bracelet (if there is a jack), tablet PC, USB-lantern, and many other gadgets. Therefore, choosing a portable charger with high-security features, connectors of different types, and high-capacity built-in batteries is worth picking for long trips.

The best gadgets for the traveler
You can choose a compact wind power station mounted on a mobile home or a car trailer among the vast selection of gadgets. An additional inverter, producing current, makes it possible to organize the benefits of civilization at the camping site, not just to charge your phone.

  • Access to Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world. The modern gadget allows you to stay connected no matter where you are! A compact model with a diameter of only 9 cm will not take much space. A mobile hotspot with a global SIM card shares the Internet with ten devices. It comes with an intelligent assistant with a built-in 8-megapixel camera; in addition, the gadget can be used as a power bank.
  • “Security Button .”The new “smart” gadget is a small button; when pressed, the traveler sends an email or text message with the coordinates of his location. It is the best guarantee of safety, not only during travel but also on the walk.
  • Exciting and valuable travel gadgets become more and more every year. Some of them seem unusual and even somewhat fantastic. However, they are beneficial to tourists in difficult hiking situations and while in a foreign country.

Clothing with electric heating
Such hiking clothing will eliminate frostbite and hypothermia. A person will feel comfortable even in a frost of – 60 degrees. The dress is membrane fabric with special heating cables between the layers. They should be powered from the Porsche Bank via USB. Today you can find on sale jackets, insoles, vests, pants, overalls, mittens, and boots with heating.

Handheld coffee maker
If mornings start with coffee, you can’t break tradition even while camping. However, you can take a handheld espresso machine with you, which is no larger than an eyeglass case.

The coffee is delicious, and the gadget does not require electricity to work. All you have to do is pour hot water into the machine and press a button. And voila! Enjoy your espresso!

Collapsible cup
It doesn’t matter what you drink, we have a promotional tumbler to hold it! Check US Imprints to find what suits you in your travel. Reusable and regular cups are inconvenient for their size. Moreover, they take up too much space in a backpack. So now, hikers can take a modern folding tumbler, easily assembled into a small puck. Such a gadget is durable and resilient; in addition, responsible manufacturers make it from environmentally friendly materials.

Charging stove
What to do if the power bank is out of order? The charging stove is always there for you when you’re out of power. It generates electricity from the flame and is suitable for any modern camping utensil. All you need to do is collect dried wood in the form of moss, cones, twigs, fill up the stove, and that’s it!

Thanks to the built-in fans, the flame is clean and smokeless. While the stove is working, you can have time to charge your devices—an indispensable gadget for hiking in the mountains.

Smart bulbs and flashlights with USB output
Manufacturers of “camping” gadgets began to supplement power banks with built-in batteries and an additional board for charging via USB.

“Smart” tent
In addition to its primary purpose, this camping item stores solar energy through photovoltaic cells in the frame.

The current is used to light the tent or charge gadgets. The “smart” tent often has a geolocator, which allows you to navigate the area.

Solar panels
A portable solar panel is functional for long hikes when batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be enough. A photovoltaic panel combines with power banks and collects solar energy well throughout the day. However, keep in mind that the efficiency of solar charging depends on the time of year, the weather, and the climate zone.

Hand warmers
USB warmer can warm up to a temperature of 35-40 degrees. Stylish design, from a plush toy to the shape of an animal, allows you to choose the best option for a hiking gadget.

Gloves with Bluetooth headset
The touch screen of modern gadgets is inconsistent during cold weather. If a tourist does not want to make unnecessary gestures, it is worth paying attention to the gloves with Bluetooth headset. They provide comfortable use of mobile communication even in extreme cold, without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. The speaker and earpiece are on the little finger and thumb.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Portable water purifier
It is not always possible to find clean drinking water when traveling, so you need to filter to the campaign. The modern model is presented in a small tube with a system to purify freshwater from impurities. You need to draw water into any container and pull it through the filter.

The purifying capacity of the portable gadget is enough for 100 liters of water.

Mini wind generators and hydro turbines
Modern manufacturers produce gadgets in the form of a sailor a mini fan-type turbine. Sometimes there are 50-watt devices with a built-in battery.

Main photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels