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The new normal: Things you need to bring when going out

To ensure a balance between the need to inhibit the further spread of the virus and the need to open up the economy, a new normal has emerged. This means that people can already go out and about with their daily businesses, but they need to do so with precaution.

The global pandemic brought about significant changes when it comes to how people should go about with their lives. To ensure that contagion is mitigated, people were encouraged to stay home, and several countries were forced to go into a lockdown. However, extended periods of lockdown were also not viable because it significantly hurt the economy.

Thus, to ensure a balance between the need to inhibit the further spread of the virus and the need to open up the economy, a new normal has emerged. This means that people can already go out and about with their daily businesses, but they need to do so with precaution. Aside from consciously practicing social distancing, below are some of the things you need to bring when you go out.

Face mask
In this new normal scenario, one of the things that you need to bring, or rather, wear, every time you go out is a face mask that will cover your nose and mouth properly. There are various types of face masks that you can choose from but make sure that the size of the face mask fits you perfectly. In this case, you can go for disposable masks that come in standard sizes, fitting your facial frame appropriately. However, a more environmentally-friendly alternative is using a reusable face mask that you just need to wash and sanitize every after use.

With reusable face masks, there are several options for you to choose from. The innovators behind Mask Fone suggest that you go for a mask that is not only comfortable to wear but one that will complement your lifestyle too. For instance, if you are fond of listening to music while you are commuting to and from work, then try a state-of-the-art mask with built-in earbuds. These earbuds are integrated into your phone, which means that you will also be able to take in calls without having to take off your face mask.

Face shield
Another thing that is quite handy to have in this new normal set up is a face shield that you can conveniently wear anywhere you go. For some people, wearing a face shield provides them with a certain sense of security that they are protected from the virus. This is because aside from ensuring that droplets don’t get into their eyes or face, they also avoid touching their face with their hands, which can already have various viruses from touching contaminated surfaces.

There are several types of face shields already. Some of these come with a band that you need to put around the top of your head, while others mimic glasses, making it easy to wear and take out when necessary. Even the shield itself can be made from different kinds of plastic, with some durable enough to last numerous uses, while others comparably thin enough that can only last a couple of times of use. The important thing is that you have a shield that you can use to cover your face, particularly if you need to go to a place frequented by several other people.

Hand sanitizer
Your protective essentials won’t be complete without hand sanitizer in your bag or your pocket. This is because when you go out, you may not have the chance to wash your hands are frequently as you need to. But what you can do instead is to dab on some alcohol-based hand sanitizer to ensure that even if you do get to touch a contaminated surface, you don’t transfer the virus inside your body.

In this case, make it a habit to bring a hand sanitizer with you and use it as often as you deem necessary. In applying the sanitizer, practice the 20-second rule, which also applies to how long you should wash your hands. In this way, you are sure that you can sanitize all the areas of your hand properly.

Alcohol and tissue or wet wipes
Aside from a hand sanitizer, you should also bring with you some alcohol and tissue or wet wipes that you can use to sanitize various surfaces before you touch them. In this way, you are sure that where you will sit or the doorknobs that you need to touch to open doors are free from any virus that can cause you to be sick. In the past, only germaphobes have this habit, but in this time of the pandemic, this is already considered a necessity.

Personal tumbler
Every time that you go out, make sure that you bring with you your own tumbler so that you no longer need to use a glass, cup, or mug that has been used by other people to drink water. There are already several types of tumblers that are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, as well as tumblers that are made only for water. There are even collapsible ones that make them even more portable and easy to carry. With your tumbler, you are greatly reducing the chance that you acquire the virus.

Personal cutlery
Alongside a personal tumbler, make it a habit to carry your cutlery set as well so that you won’t have to use any spoon, fork, knife, or chopsticks that have been used by other people. You have the option of going for a steel-made cutlery set, but these can be quite heavy. Otherwise, you can go for a bamboo-made cutlery set, which is more lightweight but may not be as durable as the steel-made ones. Rest assured that you will be able to find a cutlery set container that will make it easy for you to bring them along anywhere you go.

Photo by Viktor Ivanchenko from Pixabay

Without a vaccine released or a medication that can successfully combat the virus, you need to ensure that you prioritize your health as you go about your daily activities. Aside from social distancing measures, make sure that you have with you the essentials that will reduce your risk of acquiring the virus every time you go out. Rest assured that there will come a time that the pandemic will end, and we will rise above this challenge.

Main photo by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

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