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The top-rated tourist attractions in New Jersey

New Jersey is a beautiful place, and it does have a lot of incredible tourist attractions, but if you’re going to get the best experience possible, you want to visit the top rated tourist attractions and check them out.

If you come to New Jersey, then you will know that there are a lot of different things to do, and a whole new culture to experience. New Jersey is a beautiful place, and it does have a lot of incredible tourist attractions, but if you’re going to get the best experience possible, you want to visit the top rated tourist attractions and check them out.

A pretty great attraction for people to visit is New Jersey Stadium, a place home to the New Jersey Devils. They’ve definitely got an interesting season planned for 2020, so if you’re in the area to catch a game, you might as well come and take a look at some of these attractions too! 

Atlantic City
The first tourist attraction which we are going to take a look at is Atlantic City. What is Atlantic City? What makes it so impressive?

Atlantic City is a coastal resort town, and is home to the world-famous boardwalk. This is four miles of promenade which was constructed in 1870, and remains a thriving tourist attraction. There are a whole host of different stalls, games, places to eat, performances, and there is something for everyone there. Atlantic City is just one of those places which is synonymous with New Jersey, and it is definitely somewhere to visit if you have time. 

Princeton University
The little town of Princeton isn’t necessarily what you would call a thriving tourist attraction. However, what has put it on the map is Princeton University, the local educational campus which has had some incredible researchers and studies conducted on its grounds. And even played host to Albert Einstein for a brief period during his career, so you can begin to understand why people are eager to have a look around. 

Thankfully, with access to some tours of the University led by students who attend every day, there has never been about a chance to explore these grounds and really get a feel for the history which is in every part of the University. Whether it’s seeing where Einstein did his groundbreaking work, or simply being exposed to so many incredible young minds, Princeton University is a very highly rated tourist attraction in New Jersey, while at the same time being a prestigious provider of education.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park
Thomas Edison was a pioneering mind in America, and helped to shape the future of the world with his contributions to society. So it seems only fitting that his former home and laboratory were preserved and repurposed into the Thomas Edison national historical Park. Visiting here is a lot like stepping back in time, being able to see how the man himself lived, worked, and ultimately changed the world. 

An experience like this has many highlights, for example, being able to visit the labs, look at the original experiments and artefacts, and even explore his home, and see how he chose to live and decorate his residence. Everything feels preserved, so the historical value of this place is phenomenal. People flock to the park all the time, and it continues to be a popular attraction to this day. 

The adventure aquarium
This next tourist attraction is one for the family, or any marine enthusiasts. The adventure aquarium is an institution which is considered to be one of the best educational facilities in America, with a collection of over 8500 marine animals to explore and look at, so there is no doubt that you will get a first class education in marine life should you choose to spend a prolonged period of time here.

Not only can you observe these animals in their natural habitats, but there are opportunities to get up close and personal with some of these animals and exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities, although these are harder to get a place for. However, if you are an enthusiast of marine wildlife, there are no better places to visit, and the kids would definitely enjoy learning about some of these incredible creatures.

Liberty State Park
Liberty State Park is one of the most incredible places you’ll ever visit. Nestled between Liberty Island, and Ellis Island which is home to the Statue of Liberty, Liberty State Park is one of those places where you get to experience a whole new subculture in New Jersey, and see one of the most important cornerstones of American culture as a whole.

From recreational facilities to tourist attractions, to a sobering monument to all of those who perished in the terrorist attack on the twin towers during 9/11, this is a unique place that offers a lot to anyone who decides to visit. 

All in all, these are just a few of the different options you have available to you when it comes to exploring the majesty and wonder of New Jersey. As you can probably tell, there are some incredible options to visit here, and some fantastic places which really help to capture the spirit of New Jersey for anyone who is visiting for the first time. Any of these attractions would be incredible to explore, and visit, and obviously picking just a few is difficult, but these are the ones we felt stood out the most. Visiting New Jersey is an incredible chance to learn about the rich culture that goes on here, and so to be able to explore it and discover everything for the first time is an experience that many flock to witness.