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Top eight things to do in Naples Florida during summer

Besides the city’s calm seas and mild climate, Naples is also renowned for its restaurants and spectacular nature. If you’re planning to visit it this summer, below are some of the things to do in Naples Florida.

Located in the southwest part of Florida, Naples is considered one of the richest cities in the US. It is known for being a cultured and sophisticated city, making it a famous tourist destination. Its primary landmark is the magnificent Naples Pier, which has a great place to enjoy fishing and watch sunset or sunrise. 

Besides the city’s calm seas and mild climate, Naples is also renowned for its restaurants and spectacular nature. If you’re planning to visit it this summer, below are some of the things to do in Naples Florida:

1. Hit the beach
One of the things to do in Naples is to head to the nearest beach and take a deep breath of the refreshing salty air while you sink your little toes in the soft white sand. With the city’s 16 miles of shoreline, there are many beaches you can choose from in Naples. 

The best thing about all Naples beaches is that they offer access to everyone and have little traffic. You won’t also find major thoroughfares, T-shirt shops, or highways along the coast. The street access along the beaches is residential and quiet. So, all you have to do is park your car at any access points in Naples FL, and walk to the nearest beaches.

2. Explore Naples Botanical Garden
Another wonderful thing to do in Naples during summer is exploring the Naples Botanical Garden. It is known for its large walking paths and beautiful specimens of exotic and domestic flora. If you’re looking for a serene place in Naples, you shouldn’t miss visiting this botanical garden. 

All in all, it has nine different gardens, which include a water garden that has several flowering lily pads. There’s also a 90-acre nature sanctuary where you can view animals like other types of birds and deer.

3. Consider a kayak tour
If you want to get a personal or close-up view of nature and wildlife while you’re on a perfect beach vacation in Naples, consider a kayak tour with one of the reliable companies in Southwest Florida. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a boat tour with biologists, a kayak tour, and a kayak rental. Such tours go into the winding mangrove tunnels, ancient sand dunes, a bird island, and more.

4. Enjoy fishing at Naples Pier
The historic Naples Pier is best for sightseeing and fishing. Many people also visit this place to witness the beautiful charm of sunset. There are beach supplies, an eating area, and a concession stand for those who want to hit the beach. 

If you want to enjoy fishing, you can do it without the need to get a license. You may also view Naples’ local wildlife at the pier as you’ll see many pelicans. Moreover, you may also spot stingrays, dolphins, and other marine life.

5. Do snorkeling at Delnor-Wiggins Beach State Park
If you love snorkeling, a popular destination at Naples is Delnor-Wiggins Beach, State Park. Aside from snorkeling, you can also enjoy activities such as surf-fishing and kayaking. Along the beach, you can eat your meals or relax at the picnic tables often located under the shade of trees. There’s also a short boardwalk and an observation deck in the park.

6. Shop for souvenirs at Tin City
Beaches aren’t the only reason why you should travel to Naples. If you enjoy shopping, you’ll be glad to know that Naples has a great shopping area. Popularly known as the Tin City, it’s a specialty shopping area in the beautiful city of Naples. You’ll find souvenirs, local crafts and arts, handmade novelties, and antiques in this market. There are also shops that offer wines, seashell jewelry pieces, and candles.

7. Experience native wildlife at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Apart from the pristine beaches, you can explore Naples. The city also takes pride in its flourishing wetlands like the renowned Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It’s the home to a colony of American wood storks and ancient cypress forest. It’s also a perfect place to visit with your family. There are educational signs throughout the sanctuary and allow guests to experience the native wildlife in a self-guided tour.

8. Join a tour at the Historic Palm Cottage
Built-in the early 1900s, Palm Cottage is the oldest property in Naples. It’s full of old furniture and housewares and will give you a feel of people's lifestyle centuries ago. At present, it’s managed and owned by the Naples Historical Society, and guests have to pay the standard admission to join a tour and explore Palm Cottage.

Naples is a great summer destination with countless outdoor activities and beautiful beaches. Whether you want to have an adventure or enjoy most of the summer with your family or friends, you can never go wrong with choosing Naples. Just make sure to plan your travel as early as possible to get amazing deals and save yourself from the hustle and bustle of peak season.