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Top reasons to visit Dubai Marina in Winter

Activities can get busier in the months of January and February as it is around this time that the Dubai shopping festival draws in more visitors to the Marina Mall.

The months of winter are the best times to visit Dubai for tourists, even though a month like January is the coldest for most people it may still feel like summertime back at home. The temperature range is usually 19°C to 20°C which should really feel warm enough for most people.

Activities can get busier in the months of January and February as it is around this time that the Dubai shopping festival draws in more visitors to the Marina Mall.

Dubai Shopping Festival
This event takes place once every year and usually runs for an entire month. The special thing about this festival is that Marina mall and others offer good discounts. Daily raffles and draws are also held to find winners for prizes like cars and gold.

There is also a special firework display that takes place in the city that families in Dubai and foreign visitors enjoy watching. So, if you love fireworks and shopping, you must not miss out.

Dhow Cruise Marina
Around the same time the Dubai shopping festival happens, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina experience gets even better with special discounts on trips. For example, Alexandra Dhow Cruise which enjoys a track record of high-quality performance also provides special packages for children and adults at this time. There are usually no charges for kids under 5 years old.

You will be able to enjoy a cruise along the Dubai canal. The canal is characterized by stunning man-made landmarks including the differently designed skyscrapers that stand tall around the Marina.

If you are a foodie, you can expect to be served with the best cuisine. The best Cruise experience is usually in the evenings when the skyline is filled with sunset beauty, Cruise dinner can be accompanied by special drinks of your choice. Alcohol is usually limited in most dhow cruises apart from Alexandra and a few others.

Hotel stay
Accommodation facilities in Dubai Marina are top class. They are designed with the latest technologies and if you are lucky, you can get to the rooftops for a breathtaking view of the city. You will just get everything you need for accommodation, but this also depends on your budget and preferences.

You may also opt for a short-term rental apartment stay in Dubai Marina. Apartments in Marina are located near luxurious landmarks, to give your stay a mixture of comfort and beautiful view.

Dubai is filled with all kinds of entertainment for music and dance lovers. For example, Alexandra Dhow Cruise offers dinner alongside Tanura dance and live show performance from a talented resident female vocalist. Families can also be entertained in the Marina mall with facilities such as Dubai Ice Rink, Reel Cinemas, Dubai Dino, hysteria, and VR Park.

There are other numerous fun activities that you can take part in with your families such as the underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Water Park, and Ferrari world.

Note that January is the cheapest month in Dubai and is possibly the best time to visit with your family if you are on a budget.

Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

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