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Tourist attractions you can’t miss in Los Cabos

If you’re in Los Cabos you have to come out and enjoy the place. It’s filled with numerous attractions, and here are the ones you absolutely can’t miss.

If you are visiting Los Cabos and are looking for some real privacy, a hotel room isn’t the answer. You can just rent a fantastic luxury villa in Los Cabos where you can be alone with your family or a special someone. You enjoy the privacy while receiving maid/butler service whenever you want, and you can pick one with a pool too. 
But while such a place can be truly heavenly, if you’re in Los Cabos you have to come out and enjoy the place. It’s filled with numerous attractions, and here are the ones you absolutely can’t miss:
The Beaches
Sure you may have a private pool in your villa, but you simply can’t just overlook the beauty of the Los Cabos beaches. Here you get to enjoy the sand and the water while basking in the sun and you can even surf in some of the beaches. 
The Sand Falls
Sine you’re visiting the beaches, you should get some scuba diving lessons so that you can really appreciate the sand falls deep under the ocean. It’s a fascinating natural formation, and it’s fun to find some of the marine life there. 
Cabo San Lucas Marina
From any spot here in the marina you’ll definitely enjoy the view as you take a nice ambling stroll. Along the way you can find a wide range of restaurants that can take care of your cravings, while you also have shops if you’re in need of retail therapy. There’s also the iconic #Cabo sign, and it’s considered a crime and a sin if you don’t take a selfie with it. 
The Arch
This makes for a gorgeous backdrop when you take a selfie to send to your friends back home through social networks. The Arch is a rock formation in the ocean that seems somehow awe-inspiring in its exquisite splendor. Man may create artistic sculptures, but nature offers its own natural beauty that can take your breath away. 
Sierra de la Laguna
You need to visit this place if you’re an outdoorsy person who craves contact with nature. Even if you’re not, a visit here may turn you into one. The range of plant life and animals is incredibly diverse, and it’s a fantastic destination for biking, hiking, and mountain climbing. 
San Jose del Cabo
Plenty of people obviously like to start their Los Cabos adventures in Cabo San Lucas. But you should then make the effort to journey the 20 miles to San Jose del Cabo. It’s a lovely town with its stunning colonial architecture and classic streets, and you can always relax in its many art galleries, bars, and restaurants. 
Cabo Pulmo
If you’re in San Jose del Cabo, then it’s only 2 hours to Cabo Pulmo. This is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO, and it’s a designated Nature Protected Area. This is the sole live coral reef in the Gulf of California, with more than 800 different species living in the waters here. You know it’s a must-visit place when it’s called the “Aquarium of the World”! 
Todos Santos
Step within the boundaries of this fantastical town and it’s like stepping into a magical dimension. The combination of the cobbled streets with the colonial architecture makes it seem like you’re in a fairy tale, complete with terrific weather and gorgeous beaches. 
You also have restaurants with culinary wizards, shops for all kinds of items, art galleries, and various hotels you can visit. Speaking of legendary hotels, now’s also your chance to visit the Hotel California. The song does seem to describe Los Cabos itself: “Any time of year, you can find it here.”
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