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Traveling to Finland? Here are the top sustainable travel tips

Here are some helpful hints that you may implement both before and during your vacation. Have a pleasant stay in Finland!

Are you considering a trip to Finland but concerned about the environmental effect of your journey? Finland is not the most accessible place to access via environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as rail. To go to Finland, you may need to fly or take a boat, which may increase your carbon footprint.

When numerous people think of Finland, they think of Nokia and saunas, and perhaps they've heard of some pretty good race car drivers, but there's so much more to it. Finland is a lovely nation with gorgeous lakes and modern buildings. It is also a very safe country.

But don't worry: there are other methods to make your journey more eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are some helpful hints that you may implement both before and during your vacation. Have a pleasant stay in Finland!

Make use of public transportation
Okay, you've arrived, well!  Our public transportation services in Finland are inexpensive and straightforward to utilize. The majority of Finland's cities are well-served by bus and rail services. Trains in Finland are run by VR, the state-owned company most known for the distinctive rock sculptures in front of Helsinki Central Train Station.

If you happen to be in Helsinki, use the gorgeous single-lined metro — you won't get lost. The wooden chairs in the older metro stations were built by renowned Finnish designer Yrjö Kukkapuro in 1979. Talk about environmentally friendly design! In addition, Helsinki has an extensive tram system that is ideal for sightseeing. Tampere will soon have its trams as well.

The trains in Finland and the Helsinki metro run on renewable energy, allowing you to travel in a completely environmentally friendly manner.

Walking is also a terrific way to get to know a new city, and there are sidewalks everywhere in Finland. Consider renting a bicycle or perhaps an electric scooter during the summer and letting the warm summer wind flow over your hair. Finland, after all, has some of the cleanest air in the world.

Locals must be respected
While traveling, it is usually courteous to respect the local population and their customs. In Finland, the simplest way to express respect is to smile. Finns are frequently perceived as reticent, although they may grin back. Using the words "kiitos," which means "thank you," and "moi," which means "hello," might also help.

Please remember to obtain permission before photographing Finns, whether young or elderly.

Finns have a healthy passion for nature and living an eco-friendly lifestyle — including recycling! They also aspire to be the best circular-economy country globally, and many cities are planning to transition to a carbon-neutral lifestyle over the next twenty years.

When visiting Finland, what is the best method to recycle? If you have an urgent need for a plastic bottle, remember to return it to the shop to a recycling machine once it's empty. You will be reimbursed in the form of a bottle deposit.

Most hotels offer an eco-friendly towel policy; reusing your towel saves energy because it doesn't have to be washed frequently. You may also confront your hotel and inquire whether they recycle your rubbish. Encourage them to get started!

Drink tap water
During your visit to Finland, you will almost certainly hear that the Finns have the most extraordinary tap water in the world. We do, and it's even purer than bottled water! So you abandon single-use plastic bottles in favor of filling your bottle with purified water directly from the faucet. It's clean and refreshing, and by bringing your bottle, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint. Restaurants also provide tap water, so ask for "still" when ordering.

Travel outside peak seasons and stay longer
Think beyond the box – would you be able to visit outside of peak season and perhaps stay a bit longer since you traveled up to Finland? There's more room for you, more peace, and more relaxation. Maybe you are a serious gambler, and because of this, you cannot stay indoors; you will have to look for a casino where you will play and make friends with the Finns. This can be aided by numerous casinos in Finland sites like parasnetticasino.fi in Finland offer a variety of games 

Lapland is a famous winter tourist destination, but it also has a lot of magic — and generally fewer people – during the other seasons. The Northern Lights may be seen best in the spring and fall. Summer is the season of white evenings, a phenomenon similar to the aurora borealis.

In the remainder of Finland, nature is typically at its finest during the summer, while all seasons offer their advantages. It is recommended to soak in the vibrant greens of spring, savoring the rich fall hues, or experience a heated sauna during the frigid winter. All year round, there must be something to do in Finland.

Travel lighter
It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before traveling to Finland. There are four distinct seasons and locations, and temperatures can vary dramatically even within a single week. The weather also varies significantly between the south and north of Finland. The distance between Helsinki and Inari is around 1100 kilometers, almost the same as the distance between Paris and Barcelona or Florence.

Using layers of clothes is the best option. Many items you already own, such as warm sweaters, may be worn with layers. If the temperature warms up, remove a layer. You may also avoid purchasing an entire new wardrobe for a single trip this way.

Before you fly, take a look at your baggage and consider strategies to eliminate carrying unneeded items. Lightweight luggage implies that the plane uses less fuel, which is critical for minimizing carbon dioxide emissions. During the winter, several travel companies in Finland hire high-quality gear and equipment, such as skis, snowshoes, and skates.

Nature is essential to the Finns, as you may have imagined. The majority of Finns spend time in nature many times every week. Even in cities, they are constantly surrounded by water and green spaces. That's one of the reasons we're the happiest country on the planet.

While in Finland, try the Finnish way of life and get in touch with nature. Turn off your phone. Take a stroll. Go to a park. Go to the woods. Hug a tree. Take a swim in a lake.

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