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Types of tourist destinations to visit: A guide

There are many different types of tourist destinations that you can visit, and each offers its own unique experience.

There are many reasons why people visit tourist destinations. Some people visit for the purpose of relaxation, others visit for the purpose of entertainment, and others visit for the purpose of adventure. Regardless, visiting a tourist destination can be a very rewarding experience.

With these many reasons to want to go on a vacation, people also have varied preferences for where they want to go. Do they want somewhere warm? Do they want somewhere colder? Do they want an isolated or crowded place? 

There are many different types of tourist destinations that you can visit, and each offers its own unique experience. 

Resort destinations
A well-known type of tourist destination are water resort destinations. These are places with water-based attractions as a means of entertainment. Their main selling points are bodies of water and amenities where one can swim and have fun, alone or with company. Some examples of resort destinations are beach resorts and water parks. 

Beach resorts might have been the first thing on your mind when considering resort destinations. It is easily one of the places you could think of to help beat the heat or bask in the sun, so to say. 

Activities and your expenses may vary depending on whatever amenities are available. For example, you could rent a cottage, hut, or even a tent to relax, especially with family or friends. Should you decide to spend the night, you could also rent a room where you can sleep.

Another thing with beaches is that they can be the best location for any celebration, whether it be birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, or even weddings, which makes beach resorts one of the most fun travel destinations for couples and families.

If you want an adventure, beach resorts could grant the excitement you've been craving. You could do beach activities such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, or riding a jet ski. 

Water parks
Water parks are amusement parks with different water activities for anyone to enjoy. They are huge in terms of area as they usually have several attractions like slides and lazy rivers for guests to enjoy. It can be a bit pricey, but you get your money's worth.

What makes water parks appealing is what they can offer. It is a hub of various water activities that entertain its guests while cooling themselves amid the sun's heat. Moreover, the staff's presence ensures that the attractions are supervised and safe enough for the guests.

If you want to enjoy different water activities in an enclosed and well-looked-after environment, water parks are easily one of the fun options available.

Other water bodies
Water resorts may also refer to other big bodies of water one could bathe in. Establishments have already made resorts out of lakes, falls, and springs, all of which are spectacular tourist attractions. 

What to prepare and expect
Clothing. Unsurprisingly, coming to resorts will involve bathing in the waters, so swimsuits are inevitable. If you stay for more than one day, always bring enough clothes, especially swimwear.

Food. Food is one of the things to consider when out with company for a celebration-type of vacation. Many resorts have restaurants and may sell food, but you could bring your own to save money. 

Cost. It is always important to figure out what kind of activities you can do in resorts beforehand to prepare how much to spend, especially if you want to engage in several activities the destination offers. Moreover, depending on how far the destination is, you should prepare around 500 to 3,000 USD. Therefore, it is best to ask ahead for readiness. 

Nature-based destinations
Nature-based destinations may be your pick if you want to be at one with the environment. As the term implies, these are destinations whose main attractions are land sceneries such as mountains, hills, and nature or conservation parks.

Land bodies
Land bodies are tourist destinations, with their main attraction being landmasses like mountains, volcanoes, hills, or even just forests. Many of them are available to visit for free, so you don't have to worry about how much you might have to spend. Some of these destinations' most popular tourist activities are hiking and sightseeing.

The appeal of mountains, hills, and other land bodies is that you enjoy the environment around you as you walk. Moreover, hiking activities have health benefits, such as relieving stress and improving cardiovascular health, so it is a great place to go if you like keeping active.

If you plan on going overseas or are currently in another country or distant area, it would also be a good idea to explore their natural attractions to learn about the different plant and animal species that may be different or are not in the area where you live.

Nature/conservation parks
Another popular nature-based tourist attractions are nature parks. These are often situated near natural land bodies like mountains and have nature-themed forms of entertainment. Some are primarily into entertaining activities, much like an amusement park, while others offer educational activities.

Nature parks are known for having recreational activities. Typically, the bigger the park, the more activities you can do, ranging from hiking, and biking, up to ziplines. So whether you are a fan of sightseeing or a free spirit, these parks can offer activities you may like.

Another appealing aspect of nature parks is their collection of plants and animals, often of endangered status. You get to learn about different plant and animal life, their roles in the ecosystem, and why they need to be protected as a species. 

What to prepare and expect
Cost. When it comes to nature-based tourist destinations, how much you may spend on them may vary. Some are cheap or free, while others are expensive, the latter being in nature parks. Thus, always prepare extra cash as parks, besides the entry fee, will charge for every activity you want to do.

Food. These tourist destinations can be a hit or miss when it comes to food. Some of them, particularly the land bodies, will have no food unless there are nearby establishments. So, if you think you will be there for the whole day, you might as well bring some food. 

On the other hand, parks are likely to have food stalls or restaurants and may not allow outside food, so you will need to buy from them in case you get hungry.

Foreign destinations
If you want to experience another culture and its environment, you will enjoy traveling to another area, especially a foreign one. While resorts and nature attractions are straightforward in what you can get, going to a foreign territory is a much bigger picture. If you are interested in exploring different places, this is for you.

You generally have two options: areas that are within the country or areas in other countries.

Local areas
If you like to keep it local, you can visit a nearby city or town you have always wanted to visit. Even though you are in the same country, you might be surprised by how different things can be, like scenery, dialect, and even popular culture. Traveling within your country can also be a great start if you want to travel full time.

When going to different places within the country, you need to know what makes these destinations stand out. You can visit places locals love to go to, such as a town square, a pub, or an amusement park.

Foreign countries
If you've always wanted to visit a country you haven't been to yet, or you just want to explore abroad, then perhaps now is your chance. From towns, cities, and iconic attractions, it can be another world with many things to discover and learn. Whether you will only be exploring one part of the country or going on a tour of the entirety, traveling overseas is an experience to remember.

As previously mentioned with local areas, you have to know what makes the country you want to visit distinguishable from others. Besides easily identifiable factors like climate or the language the people speak, you can ask questions like what type of food the locals eat or what genre of music is popular. If you want to learn more about their history, you can always visit a museum.

What to prepare and expect
Cost. Money is what you need to prepare for when traveling to explore a place you've never been to. Essentially, the farther you travel, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, you will need to consider essential expenses such as your fare, hotel check-ins, and money you will spend upon exploring the place. Currencies are also something to take note of, particularly for overseas travels.

Prior Knowledge of Area. It is good to do a little research about the place, especially about its laws or ordinances. The last thing you want to do is pay an expensive fine just because you were unaware you had done something against the law.

To conclude
If you want to go on a vacation but are unsure where to go, always consider your preferences and what you can prepare. Pick what you will enjoy and, at the same time, will be convenient. Always know how to make the most of your vacation.

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