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Where to gamble or play at a casino when traveling to Japan?

Casinos are used to be prohibited in Japan but with the increase in the number of Chinese tourists looking for roulette and poker, the Japanese authorities have finally changed their mind. 

While most visitors to Japan look forward to the unique history, culture, and food that cannot be experienced in their countries, Japan is also a place where you can enjoy gambling and play with your luck during your trip.

Casinos are used to be prohibited in Japan but with the increase in the number of Chinese tourists looking for roulette and poker, the Japanese authorities have finally changed their mind. Thus, Japanese casino rooms will open their doors, for the greatest pleasure of foreign players. Indeed, these gambling rooms will be open only to tourists. Fortunately, moreover, as we all know that the Japanese love to gamble, there are several special types of gambling in Japan (ギャンブル 日本) that are not prohibited by law.

In this article, you will be introducing the best types of gambling you can do in Japan, including what casino you can visit and what 日本のオンラインカジノyou can find and play in Internet.

Enjoy Japanese Online Casino at Your Stay
Before we speak about the land-based casino in Japan, we would like to show how playing at online casinos in Japan is enjoyable.

On a casino comparison site like The Soho, you may find various online casinos that are tailored to the tastes of Japanese players. We encourage that you try those selected online casinos so that you can experience the feelings of the Japanese. You may also check their reviews before deciding which online casino is best for you. Check it out and have fun!

Visit Yokohama Casino
The Yokohama casino is certainly the most famous casino for tourists in Japan. Open to tourists, but also to locals, the casino is a place of relaxation and pleasure where bureaucrats and other workaholics meet once the day of hard work is over. This kind of casino in Japan reminds the casinos of Las Vegas and France with their light games and their colors, but here, the usual machines are less appreciated by the players in favor of the Pachinko.

In Seoul, the control of dedicated services is very strict and this is what led to the closure of many casino halls. In Singapore, the casinos open their doors for free to tourists, but residents have to pay an access fee to play. This system allows the casinos to make a good profit, as thousands of tourists a year choose to escape to Japan and enjoy their casinos. If you want to access these rooms, the best thing to do is to look for the right addresses once you are there. However, it is important to avoid black market gambling and illegal betting, as Japanese law does not tolerate such practices.

Trying your hand at Pachinko

Although gambling at land-based casinos is limited in Japan, you can still access other gambling rooms that are quite similar to casinos. Pachinko is one of the most popular gambling venues for Japanese gambling enthusiasts. This game has the same principles as pinball and slot machines. But here, there are no coins, balls must be introduced into the machine and the goal of the game is to get as many balls as you have played. It should be noted that the balls cannot be exchanged for money under any circumstances, but there are some not-so-legal ways to make the exchange.

You will usually find Pachinko halls in small alleys. If this is your first time playing then I recommend that you take a local with you, who will serve as an interpreter, but who will also help you not to get ripped off.

Pachinko is probably one of the games that could attract the interest of many foreigners. It is easy to play and is very similar to slot machines. In fact, most pachinko parlors also have slot machines called “pachislot”. Most pachinko parlors are very large buildings with flashy neon lights and big letter signs, so they are easy to find.

However, the potential for pachinko’s popularity is not limited to its use against foreigners. Pachinko is also the most popular form of gambling in Japan (ギャンブル 日本). However, pachinko is not officially considered gambling and is therefore positioned as a “game of chance” rather than gambling. In Japan, pachinko revenues account for more than 40% of all entertainment industry revenues, so the future of pachinko is bright.

However, not many people think about making a lot of money with pachinko. Rather, they stop by a neon-lit pachinko parlor after a long day of work and enjoy the dopamine rush of the casino noise. There are even deeper historical and cultural reasons behind why pachinko has become so popular. So before you try pachinko, you might want to take a tour to learn all about it.

Horse Racing
If pachinko is not exactly classified as gambling, then horse racing is the most popular form of gambling in Japan. Unlike pachinko, which is more of a game to relieve stress, horse racing is a game for real gamblers. An authentic gambling atmosphere similar to this can be felt at the racetracks in the United States. There is no age limit if you just want to watch the race, but you must be at least 20 years old to bet money.

Most horse racing events in Japan are organized by the Japan Central Racing Association (JRA), which is fully capitalized by the government. There are some events that are not organized by the JRA, but we do not recommend those races. JRA horse races are held 36 times a year at 10 racetracks in Japan. At the racecourses, you can watch and bet on the races. You can also try your luck at the off-track betting booths located all over Japan.

Probably the easiest way to enjoy gambling in many countries, including Japan, is through lotteries. In Japan, scratch-off lottery tickets are sold at every lottery booth. In most cases, the rules are very similar to lotteries that are also available in other countries.

Other than scratch lotteries, there are also lotteries where you pick numbers and win prizes if you get a certain number of numbers correct. Depending on the lottery, you win if you hit three to five numbers or more. In addition, five times a year, Japan holds a jumbo lottery with an even higher prize.

Try and Enjoy those Gambling Recommendations (ギャンブル おすすめ)
Now that you know where to go and what to play when visiting Japan, we hope you will have a great time. The Japanese are addicted to slot machines and games of chance. In short, they love all types of gambling. If you are planning a trip to Japan and want to try out the famous Japanese casino and other gambling halls, then we suggest you head to Seoul or Tokyo, both of which have a number of interesting gambling halls where you can find all types of Western slot machines and many more.

Moreover, apart from the online casino, and gambling that we mentioned above, bicycle racing, auto racing, and boat racing are also popular forms of gambling in Japan. Check them out and try your luck next time you are in Japan!

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