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Cuba’s Tourism Ambassador to Italy, Yanet Mora Ferguson, eyes growth and diverse offerings

In an engaging dialogue, Yanet Mora Ferguson, Cuban Counselor of Tourism in Italy, outlines a vibrant future for Cuban tourism, emphasizing diversity beyond beaches and strategic partnerships with Italian operators.

In an enlightening conversation with Yanet Mora Ferguson, the newly appointed Cuban Counselor of Tourism in Italy, optimism for Cuba’s tourism sector shines brightly. With her recent entrance into the role, Ferguson brings a wave of enthusiasm aimed at bolstering Cuban tourism through strategic collaborations with Italian tour operators.

Ferguson expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent Cuba and shed light on the multifaceted tourism offerings beyond the country’s famed beaches. “Cuba is not just about sun and sand,” she remarked, highlighting the island’s diverse attractions including nature, wellness, events, and niche markets like weddings and honeymoons. Her confidence in the growth of these segments underscores Cuba’s potential as a multi-dimensional destination.

Yanet Mora Ferguson with Mario Masciullo

Italian tour operators have long been pivotal in promoting Cuba, a trend Ferguson believes will persist. Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a reduction in direct flights from Italy to Cuba, there’s a silver lining. Airlines like Neos, in collaboration with Alpitour, continue to connect Italian travelers to Cuba, maintaining a vital link between the two countries.

Though the numbers have not yet rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, Ferguson remains optimistic. The support from major players such as Alpitour, described as one of the strongest proponents of Cuban tourism in Italy, signals a promising path toward recovery and growth.

As Cuba and Italy continue to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, Ferguson’s role as a bridge between Cuban charm and Italian wanderlust stands as a beacon of hope for the resurgence of tourism, promising a brighter future for Cuban travel industry.

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