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Luxury Four Seasons getaway in French Polynesia

Vacation season is upon us; however, this year is so different from other years, the result of the Coronavirus means we have to be choosy, and therefore only the best will do.

Luxury hotel groups have played their part in making sure the resorts are safe, and the guests feel they can enjoy their hard-earned breaks. 

Hospitality has changed, and no company is better positioned than the Four Seasons Group to embrace change. Let’s take a look at what The Four Seasons in French Polynesia have put in place to accommodate this change and make sure your vacation remains outstanding.

Lead with care
The luxury hotel group, the Four Seasons, states on its website that it “leads with care”. A statement of fact and not just another throwaway comment but is a commitment to the guest safety and well being and the website states that the Four Seasons Group is working with the Johns Hopkins Medicine International Foundation.

Johns Hopkins Medicine International Foundation is a global division dedicated to health care and research employed to inform The Four Seasons on its health and safety in these difficult times. 

Now you know the science behind the slogan, let's look at the resort, and it’s surroundings. 

Where is Bora Bora? 

For those who don’t know, Bora Bora is a private island in the middle of French Polynesia. It is part of the Leeward group of islands, within the atoll of the Society Islands. 

Deep in the South Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon and coral reefs, this idyllic island has an extinct volcano. As a consequence, the soil and vegetation are abundant and lush and give the island of Bora Bora the beautiful scenery we see in all the photos of the island.

Getting to Bora Bora is not that easy, the nearest commercial airport is Faa’a Airport International Airport opened in Tahiti, once you’re there, public transport is limited to car hire, bicycle and small buggies.

If you’re heading to The Four Seasons on Bora Bora, you may choose a short interconnecting flight. The island has a tiny airport, inherited from the Americans after the war; small commercial flights make occasional visits but private charter planes made regular stops at Bora Bora making this by far the quickest route to your vacation.

The Four Seasons Resort – Bora Bora
A prominent feature of the resort is the promenades of overwater bungalows. Water sport is high on the list here, snorkelling and diving are very popular pastimes. The resort is beautiful and surrounded by gorgeous scenery looking gout to see or inland towards Mount Otemanu.

The website states “Toast sunsets from your private plunge pool, marvel at the Tahitian night sky, or simply lose yourself in our lagoon, where the waters teem with exotic reef fish and colourful corals”. Sounds impressive and that’s why this resort is the most Instagrammed of all the Four Seasons catalogue of resorts.

Let's look a little closer at The Four Season Hotel and Resort.

The resort is made up of independent bungalows and villas on the shoreline, from one-bedroom villas to large beachfront villas, designed to host families, extended stays and larger group getaways. All dwellings have private infinity pools and terraces, and some have enclosed gardens.

The large villas are 5,380 sq ft and have two king-size beds, and two queen size beds: sleeping the equivalent of 6 adults and one child, three bathrooms and a powder room. The villas have an outdoor kitchen fitted with everything you could need to cater for every kind of occasion. 

There are smaller villas, all luxurious with stunning views.  Two-bedroom premier beachfront villas at 3,228 sq ft, and a more modest villa, still at 2,722 sq ft. No-one can deny that 2,722 sq ft is a great size. They are luxurious throughout.

For smaller groups, honeymooners or families there are promenades of over-the-water bungalows. These are 1,080 sq ft and can accommodate three adults and one child or two adults and two children under 12 years old. Step out from the bungalow into the sea, and you couldn’t be closer to nature if you tried. 

Interior designed by Pierre-Jean Picart

The Four Seasons has embraced its surroundings. Stating,  “Inspired by a traditional Polynesian village, local architect Pierre-Jean Picart, San Francisco design firm BAMO and Paris-based Didier Lefort built upon the Resort's natural lagoon setting with an indoor-outdoor design concept”.

By using local materials, teak wood furnishings and inspiration from local art and design including mother of pearl accents throughout the fittings, nothing has been left to chance. 

Services and amenities
Everything you would expect in a resort of this quality is here: luxury spa, fitness centre, tennis courts, volleyball and badminton court along with the 24-hour business centre and a multilingual concierge service.

There are four restaurants in the resort, Ari Moana is the main restaurant, with Polynesian style decor and airy feel of laid back luxury. The restaurant serves a la carte and prix-fixe menus that change with the seasons, all complemented by French Polynesia's most exquisite wine collection, with over 150 labels from around the world.

No resort worth its salt would be without an all-day beach bar and grill, a separate breakfast experience with a view over Mount Otemanu. Have your breakfast delivered to your overwater bungalow by canoe, that is romantic and great fun.

Private dining is possible, and you can have room service any time you like. Nothing is too much trouble at The Four Seasons.

If you didn’t know The Four Seasons has resorts all over the world, so why not consider an island or continent-hopping break, just imagine, breakfast in Hong Kong, lunch in Bangkok and Dinner on Bora Bora, maybe not all in one day though!

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