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MGallery reveals a new chapter with the launch of its new global campaign

As 2024 unfolds, MGallery is more determined than ever to bring to life its iconic “M,” now synonymous with Memorable and Meaningful Moments. The brand’s latest campaign marks the renewal of the experience pillars of the boutique hotel collection.

A cool breeze while climbing a sacred mountain. Smooth clay between one’s fingers. An unusual tea beneath a grand English clock. The quintessence of an exclusive evening in the heart of a chapel. The endless ocean and the shifting of waves in the wee hours of the morning. These are the moments MGallery makes unforgettable in its new brand campaign.

Moments, everywhere throughout the world

Five. This is how many M Moments are featured in the MGallery campaign, in the same number of hotels. Moments of poetry. Moments of sharing. Moments of adventure. Moments that are intimately connected to the history and surroundings of each hotel. Moments that can’t be described, that have to be felt and lived.

The agency Onirim, the creative force behind the project, captured the MGallery essence through a campaign that will appear in France, the UK, Australia, and China, as well as in the collection of more than 120 hotels around the globe. Once the creative concept had been developed, an artist was handpicked to help bring it to life. Ronan Gallagher, a photographer and creative director known for his documentaries, was the natural choice. Here, he expresses M Moments unpretentiously, with magic. 

“I like being able to apply my documentary philosophy to a campaign. I try to create emotions, intrigue, and beauty. With MGallery, I feel that we have created profound images that resemble real life.” says Ronan Gallagher, photographer.

Inspired by a desire to collect both these locations and these moments, the formats have been created as 90-second, 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second videos. They will be distributed across 6 channels: the press, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Little Red Book, and programmatic video.


Each MGallery hotel has its own signature M Moment

What’s an M Moment? A unique, exclusive experience that each hotel creates to reflect its history and location, and which is offered along with its accommodation. With this campaign, MGallery reveals the wealth of Moments to be collected in its establishments.

First, the suitcases land in China, at DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le, where audiences discover a local skill, pottery, alongside a well-known artist. Then it’s on to Manly Hotel Pacific in Sydney, Australia, for a surfing lesson at dawn. The next stop is Vietnam, at Legacy Hotel Yen Tu, for a sunrise moment of reconnection with a climb up a sacred mountain, between heaven and earth. At Municipal Hotel & Spa Liverpool in the United Kingdom, duos enjoy an unforgettable teatime on the roof of the former town hall. The world tour ends with a step back in time, at the gates of Paris, France, at Domaine de la Reine Margot, with a tasting under the stained-glass windows of the former chapel. These immersive experiences are now available to all MGallery clients under a single slogan: “That’s my M Moment.”

“Traveling the world to find these precious moments was an unparalleled adventure, an authentic human experience. We discovered that each hotel has its own unique feel, brought to life by a special team with friendly professionalism and remarkable attention to detail.” says Diane Edelmann, CEO and Creative Director, Onirim.

The M Moment lies in the details

Revealed in conjunction with the new campaign, the collection’s experience pillars are being revitalized: MGallery has never been more aptly named. An M for Meaningful and for Memorable and also for Moments. From now on, clients will be able to enjoy even more unique, first-class adventures in every corner of the world. Created through the eyes of the locals, they enhance traditions and reflect remarkable destinations. A desire to explore is combined with a strong commitment to supporting local communities.

This concept can also be found in MGallery hotels, where instant cameras allow staff to capture and share M Moments with guests. An interactive social media plan helps to immortalize the images of these very special moments.

 “Being amazed by the beauty and magic of the Moment: that’s the spirit of MGallery.” says Catherine Cherabieh, Vice President Global Marketing, MGallery.

New horizons in 2024

Established in 2008, MGallery now boasts more than 120 boutique hotels across three distinct categories: Heritage, with historical locations that take guests on a journey through time; Signature, with unique establishments that offer a distinctive, one-of-a-kind style; and Serenity, with discreet jewels in the heart of natural or urban retreats. Over the past two years, the brand has opened and signed a number of new establishments and is set to expand its network by 30% by 2030, with over 40 projects currently in development around the world.

2024 promises to deliver several new openings. This year, MGallery is launching several new establishments, starting in Japan with Hotel Sosei Sapporo (opened on January 30), Kenya in June, France this summer, and Poland and Mexico. MGallery is also gearing up to open five hotels in China in the coming months, doubling the brand’s portfolio in the country from 5 hotels to 10 by the end of the year. This will complement the boutique hotel collection’s array of adventures and allow MGallery to reinvent itself, writing a new chapter and introducing a fresh, authentic visual universe that also will be showcased when its website will be launching late 2024.

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