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Bidroom launches uGO TaaS platform to help companies drive loyalty through travel

Users can access discounts and perks on hotel rooms and more through uGO’s white-label solution, developed by the pioneering team behind Bidroom.

AMSTERDAM – Companies seeking to increase the loyalty of their customers, members or employees can now choose uGO, a brand new Travel-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform which offers ready-to-use travel solutions. uGO is the brainchild of the team at Bidroom, the first membership-based travel marketplace.

Driving loyalty through TaaS
Loyalty has long been a valuable form of currency for savvy brands to grow their business. Now loyalty is being understood in much broader terms – not just as a tool to attract customers but for retention of employees, creation of ancillary revenue and establishment of a solid brand reputation.

uGO aims to help its clients drive loyalty through travel perks. It unlocks instant access to discounts on more than 3 million hotel rooms – including eco-certified hotels, independent properties and over 800 worldwide chains – with unique rewards like spa passes and room upgrades, together with ancillary services such as car rental, tours and activities. 

These closed user group benefits not only grow engagement by adding value for users, but generate up to 4.6x higher ancillary revenue, a 9x higher conversion rate and a 55% higher customer retention rate. For employees, the right benefits can also drive loyalty to their employer by 73%. 

The uGO experience
To help their clients create an authentic brand experience for its users, uGO is offered as a whitelabel solution. Each highly personalized member portal is supported by multilingual options and customer support. In addition, uGO’s travel booking solutions can be directly integrated into a company’s existing product by connecting with their Partner API. The entire process is quick and straightforward to implement.

uGO’s hotel network is powered by Bidroom, a disruptive travel tech company that aims to bring transparency and fairness back into the hospitality industry. Bidroom distinguishes itself from its competitors by not charging hotels a commission to list with them. The saving is shared between the hotel and the traveller, providing a better deal for all. This guarantees uGO users with the best deals on rooms compared to public platforms and allows hotels to provide greater value through complimentary hotel extras. 

Over the past few years, Bidroom has established strong partnerships with brands including Visa, Hertz, IAmsterdam and Privium Schiphol, all of which will now be able to benefit from these additional Partner solutions under the uGO umbrella.

Michael Ros, CEO of Bidroom, said: “uGO enables companies to directly channel the benefits of the travel membership economy to their business, increasing retention and loyalty. Bidroom was created to enhance the traveller experience, now uGO can enhance the experience of a customer, member or employee. We have an exceptionally talented team here that has been working on bringing the uGO product to life this past year and I’m humbled to be able to introduce it to the world today.

Caroline Dal’lin, Commercial VP of Bidroom added “The journey from starting Bidroom to uGO has been one of innovation and growth, underpinned by a deep understanding of technology. Bidroom’s unique solution had been attracting a lot of interest from multinational companies looking to tap into its benefits since its launch. This in turn led us to develop uGO as a product that facilitated this over the past 12 months. We’re excited to see the potential of uGO realized going forward into 2022.”

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